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Confusing Results of a Hypoglycemia!!

I am 20 years old and beginning in grade school I would feel sick to my stomach. People thought I was making up my illness to get out of class. Now at 20 I have had two diagnosises that are controdictory. This has also been hampered by the fact thati am diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

I got worse while I was in junior high and high school, and I would frequent the nurse. When I was diagnosed with anxiety, I thought that was my reason. I am on medication, pexeva, and my anxiety symptoms are all but gone but I have more problems.

Here it is: I occationally get really sick. I will be shaky and I will feel like my brain is cloudy. I have gotton to the point where my speech was slurred. I will sweat a lot and my hends tremble too. Then when I eat, I feel better but I feel like I have after affects. I cannot eat sugar because when I do that I feel worse, even with juices. If I get really sick, I am out for the day with the after affects. I had a glucose tolerence test run when I presented my doctor with these symptoms and my thoery of hypoglycemia (this thoery was given to me by my aunt sharon who is a registered nurse). I took the test and my glucoe registered a 47 at it's lowest point but they stopped the tst because I got very "weird" and because my speech was slurring. I cannot eat breakfast in the morning because I feel sick when I do eat and then I feel like my symptoms come all at onc after I eat.

Here's the last parts of my problem: after the glucose tolerance test came back positive for hypoglycemia, I was sent to a endocrinologist, who gave me a 24hr in office fasting glucose tolerance test. My results were normal. He told me then that I did not have hypoglycemia and that it may be "neurological". I was very embarrassed considering the fact that I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

There was also an incident when I was volunterring at the hospital. I had only eaten a doughnut and then I ran around for a few hours getting people across the hospital and back. I felt aweful. I went in back and rested, and after feeding me juice with extra sugar added, I felt so aweful they took me to the er just upstairs. I felt nervous and I got an adrenaline rush. When I got up there I felt better and my glucose test, from a finger prick, was normal.

I am now confused. I know I have symptoms but with two doctors telling em sifferent and two tests giving me different stories, I am confused and desperate for an answer. If anyone knows anything, please, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?: :?: :?:
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replied January 1st, 2006
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Hhahahahaa!!!!! Neurological? These people have no clue. Let's remember something here. The brain needs sugar in order to function. It uses about 1/3 of the amount you give it when you're just sitting around. Your anxiety is stemming solely from this, I guarentee it. The first test pretty much proved you have it and I can't believe the one guy gave you the other one and assumed it was all in your head. That's a bunch of crap. Never, ever see him again. The best way to know for sure is to change your diet. Cut out all sugar and even complex carbohydrates for about 20 days. If you notice improvement, even if it's just a bit, you have it. Symptoms may actually get better for a day or two, worse, and then ease up. That's the normal run. Follow this diet.The "strict" one in particular, avoiding the fruit. For fruit, eat just a bit of an avocado with every meal and eat six a day, one every two hours. If up a bit longer, eat before sleeping. A bit of avocado is like 1/6 of a half.
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