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Enlarged Kidney

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Hi. I am emily and I just had a cystoscopy yesterday because of an obstruction in my right kidney. They put in a stent. This is all very odd to me because this was an incidental find, as they were looking for something else. Apparently I have three kidney stones (largest 1cm) in my kidney, but they are not what is causing the obstruction. He wasn't able to tell what was causing the obstruction because things were so enlarged he couldn't tell. So now I have to keep the stent for about three weeks, have a renal scan and then meet with the doctor to discusss options. Anybody ever have a similar experience? What should I expect next? I don't know if I am in for a major health problem or a bump in the road. Feeling very uneasy about the whole thing. Any shared experiences are appreciated.
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replied January 26th, 2011
kidney stones, and pain
Yes i have experienced this before and they dont have the answers, this was last year and now i am going through it agian!! its so sad that no one can tell me why this is happening. My stone by the way were 9 and 8's they had to blast them thru surgery and stent for 3 weeks. I am right with you on being confused, scared and i have to say good luck! Keep me posted if you can on here! Also they told me that my left kidney is enlarged and the left ureter is inflamed and swollen, but this could be "normal" for me, is having to go to the er 2 times in 1 week "normal" to anyone!!!
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