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Ulcer Problems - Does the Pain Ever Go Away

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I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with 2 peptic ulcers last december after having the stomach scope done. My ulcers are not caused by bacteria and there is no cancer present. The doctor put me on 30 mg of prevacid. Two months later I went back in and had another scope done and my doctor said the ulcers were 95% healed. There are days that it seems like the prevacid just isn't working. I get low back pain, burning in the stomach, headaches, and I feel sick to my stomach. I have been avoiding acid producing foods and staying away from soda. I also am afraid to eat for fear of my ulcers acting up. I asked my doctor if they could do surgery to remove the ulcers but he said the only way they do surgery is if they are bleeding. He stated that ulcers never go away, they just heal over.

Does anyone else feel that their meds are not working like they should or is there other treatments beside taking meds? I am going to contact my doctor on monday because something just doesn't seem right anymore.
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replied November 6th, 2009
yes i get the same problem i feel like my antacid is not working stil get sharp pains during eating. Some days they will just go away and then they come back again also pain not localised it all over abdomen is this normal ??!
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