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Elevated White Blood Count 60,000

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Last april I had an elevated wbc and my dr never figured out what the cause was. It never did go back to "normal" but was close enough the concern was lowered. After months of numerous blood tests, cat scan of stomach, mri of my brain tumor with no abnormal results other than elevated wbc I quit worrying about it. My life is very high stress at this point,, I have been fatigued but thats normal for me when this stressed. I had a sinus infection a month ago and went on antibiotics. This week severe diarrhea. I went to the dr today and my wbc was 60,000. I am terrified that I have something bad wrong with me. Is there anything else that could be causing this high wbc. Because of the holidays I have to wait until next week to try and figure it all out. He gave me a shot of antibiotics, ordered oral antibiotics and lab work and sent me home. I do not have a fever or anything else,,, just tired and stressed with an astronomical wbc which is scaring the heck out of me. Thank you if you have any ideas it might make me sleep better,...... Update: I was diagnosed with chronic myelogenic leukemia.

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replied March 1st, 2006
Inflammations can cause this.
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