Last night I was having contractions! I had them for like 2 hours and they went away....They were even getting worse...Was that just false labor then??? I started getting the pains after I found out my grandpa got flown to omaha because he is in critical condition. I wanted to go see him but its like 2 hrs. Away and my doctor said no traveling. My grandpa has cancer and now I guess he has heart damage,was bleeding from stomach, and his blood pressure was dropping..Then my boyfriend pissed me off...We were at the bar cuz it was western night and he kept lookin at this chick and I got mad and walked out cuz here I was already crying cuz of my grandpa and I was having contractions.We got out to my car and by then we were both yelling at each other......And then he didnt show up at the house till 1:30 in the morning....And the bar connected to it is where the strippers are....Rrrrrr...Wouldnt that make you mad??? Sure did make me mad......Hopefully I have the baby here soon..Lol hudson said he thinks i'll have it within 3 days and the doctor was like--"christmas baby????" lol.....I hope here soon! Come out lil guy come out!!! Lol
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replied December 23rd, 2005
What a present that would be :d

i'm sure the baby will be here soon...... Best of luck...... Wishing you an easy labor!
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