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Question On Transferals Due to Kissing

This question may seem like it's going to be "can I get aids from kissing?" but it's not.

The girl i'm dating has allergies. Big ones. To peanuts and penacillin and legumes and yadda yadda. So I know not to eat peanutty foods and i'm very good with that, and we just started dating.

I had four open heart surgeries and I lack a spleen. For this reason (so I have been told) I am on the medication "amoxicillin" (which I hear is a penacillin, which she claims she's allergic to.)

can I transfer this to her when I kiss her? In essence, can I set her off and give her a reaction? Through kissing. Now I know not take anything face value at this site and to check with a doctor, but I just searched and searched online for some where where it said this and I couldn't find it. I'm hoping someone can give me a link or a reading from a medical journal or book that says whether this can happen.

I can't get a hold of my doctor, it's the holidays and it's sort of a ridiculous thing to ask around this time.

Thank you ahead of time.

Happy holidays.
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