It burns when I pee Crying or Very sad , I just recently had a baby and told ripped my perineum and I have to take a spitz bath.I know there are so many kind of infection you can get if you don't clean yourself properly which I have.I might have a bladder infection.The feeling I have is so uncomfortable Sad .After/while I pee I it burns, may be I should drink a lot of water and wait til I have to go to the bathroom really bad, then empty out my bladder.Do you think I have a bladder infection????

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replied December 19th, 2003
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It could be the after effects from birth, I know after having my son I was experiencing alot of discomfort to, I had to take a sitz bath, to be sure you can purchase a uti test at any store and check your self, it could be a bladder infection, they are very discomforting, I would not let it go for to long, you could end up with more problems
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