Hi everyone I am 31 weeks pregnant today and have been having severe back pain..It comes and it goes..Not quite any routine pattern like every 5 -10 minutes, but more like every 20 minutes apart...Could this be pre-term labor pains? It gets really intense to where it takes my breath away..Not sure if this is normal with pregnancy or something to worry about...Any replies will be greatly appreciated=) thank you all.
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replied December 19th, 2005
I was on a 2 hr bus ride to my moms yesterday and I swear the back pain was so intense that I wanted to ask the bus driver to take me to the hospital... (i'm 31 weeks as well btw) the pain made me feel nausaus like something was pressuring me from my lower spine, wrap it around my hip area and then right behind my heart. I tried stretching the pain out, it didn't help... Finally I got a hold of some water and chugged it back and laid on my left side for about 30 minutes and then it subsided... So try some liquid and lie down....

Here's a little info page I found on back labor:

"http://babies.Sutterhealth.Org/laborandde livery/labor/ld_var-labr.Html#back%20labor "

"how is back labor different?

With back labor, the onset of labor may be felt completely in your back and may create some confusion about whether labor has really begun. feeling your abdomen for "hardening or tightening" when experiencing rhythmic back discomfort may offer some indication as to whether or not this is really labor. Also, there may be residual back pain
between contractions.
the pushing stage may be longer due to the extra effort needed to rotate the baby to an anterior position (face towards mother's back). Some babies may not rotate and may deliver in the posterior position.

Suggestions for dealing with back labor:
change positions frequently - any position in which the weight of the baby is taken off your back is helpful, such as sitting, leaning forward and putting your weight on your elbows, kneeling in bed with the head of bed elevated, kneeling on your hands and knees.

Use counter pressure - firm constant pressure applied to your lower back where the pain is localized. This can be given by your partner or nurse or by leaning against a firm object, such as a rolled towel or tennis balls.

A hot water bottle or an ice pack applied to your back may offer some relief.A warm shower or bath may be helpful.

Sterile water injections into the skin of the lower back. Discuss this with your healthcare provider

if you are in labor... What are you doing online??!!! Go to the hospital!!!!! Hee hee
if not... Best of luck to u and ur little precious!!
I feel your pain!!!! :)
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replied December 20th, 2005
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Thank you for replying..My pain has not stopped..It is 2:29 a.M. Here and the back pain is sitting right here with me. My pain is not in my lower back though..It is in the middle of my back...Horrible=( I would have hated being on that bus that you were on...That's even worse you couldn't even lie down..Poor thing..I hope you pain isn't as frequent as mine..Also my pain is almost always on my right side of my back. I tried laying on my left side/right side and the only position that works for me is go figure lying on my back. So that is how I sleep now lol....Well like I said it is late so I better get some sleep=) good luck with your pregnancy as well.
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replied January 12th, 2006
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Hi your symptoms sound very similar to what I experience when I get a kidney infections. You should get an msu done at your doctors to rule it out. Best of luck.
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replied September 26th, 2011
People often consider back pain as a normal condition. If it becomes too frequent and bothers your daily life then its not normal anymore. It has been said that inversion therapy has many benefits. It relieves stress, muscle pain and reduces back pain. There are individuals who are tired of the usual medications and opt for therapeutic treatments like using an inversion table.
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