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ttc , strong smell + mucus like substance

I'm 22 years old and november 11 my husband and I had unprotected sex
and I let him cum inside me.(trying to get pregnant) anyway we took a shower but about 3 days later I started to notice that the smell between my legs was quite strong despite showering, using baby powder, scented panty liner and showering twice a day everyday. Also along with the strong scent came a thick mucus like substience
the around the same time we went to breakfast, we both ate waffles but after eating I gota stomach and went rushing to the bathroom to vomit.

Since then I haven't vomited but I continue to get those belly aches when ever I eat, don't eat for awhile, or have sex
also I have been getting dizzy alot. All i'm constipated

whats wrong with me?
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replied December 19th, 2005
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You may be pregnant... Take a test if it comes out - take another one in 2 weeks if that still comes out - wait a week and take another one
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