Can tmj cause hypertension also? I have been having problems with my blood pressure. I am only 26. It has been on average 145/90 with a heart rate that has been averaging 95 - 100 bpm.. Just curious.. Thanks
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replied December 18th, 2005
Good morning. Just a quick note that pain causes high blood pressure. For years I did not have problems with my bp unless I was in great pain. Two years ago I started having continuous high blood pressure and that was when the tmj pain became more constant and more painful again after several years.

Make sure to take care of the high blood pressure; don't just ignore it. A part of me thinks that controlled bp **might** help keep pain more controlled, or maybe it's just wishing thinking.

Have a good day.
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replied December 19th, 2005
High Blood Pressure Too.
When I was at my worst with the neck pain, faint feeelings and anxiety mine was high also. However, my famiy doctor and e n t Dr. Didn't see any reason for alarm. They just assumed that it was elevated by all of those symptoms mentioned. How have you been lately, any better?
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