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So Messed Up : panic, anxiety, chest pains, lightheaded ....

I had huge problems with panic, anxiety about 5-6 months ago. It all went away for a while. Then suddenly on a plane I had the worst panic attack ever and thought the plane would crash.

Since then my energy levels have been so low, I sometimes feel like I cant even talk to people.. I am so tired.

I have chest pains all the time

i feel like my chest is bloated and hurts

i have trouble breathing

get really lightheaded when I think about it all

am convinced soemthing serious is wrong even though I have had ecg, blood work, everything..

It feels like all the energy is leaving my body and I am slowly dying.. Anyone else get that=?
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replied June 1st, 2010
yes i know how you feel sooo uselesss , family thinks im just imagining the feeling of tiredness, dizzyneess,stomach husband passedway 4 months ago after being married for 30 years...
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replied June 3rd, 2010
Hello everyone Smile I just wanted to post some inspriration for anyone who has panic attacks. I started having them when I was 17 because I was on Zoloft, one of the side effects was panic attacks. So of course I stopped taking that but still had panic attacks for another year. I had mine at night and I would have trouble breathing and shake all over. But eventually I got so tired of having them rule my life so I changed my OUTLOOK. I thought of each panic attack I had as a battle I could win. Each night I decided to try and defeat my worries. So heres some advice:
1. Change your perspective. Realize you CAN overcome this. It is overwhelming but they are only thoughts. If you believe you can, you CAN, trust me. Youre going to get through this!
2. Try your hardest to focus thoughts outside of yourself when panic attacks start. Don't forget to breathe slow breaths and relax your muscles, this really helped me.
3. Get a pet, I got a dog a couple of years ago and it's helped a lot. There's a lot of comfort in having a pet around.
4. Face your fears, the more you face your fears the stronger you become and the closer you get to beating your anxiety:)
Never think you can't do this. I did it and you can too. I had panic attacks every night and thought they'd never end.
They did.
I faced many of my fears and felt more empowered than ever. Life shouldn't be spent worrying. You've got so much to live for and to experience all you gotta do is change your outlook, change how you view your fears and anxiety. Good luck to you all and God bless!
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