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Nondescript Abdominal Pain

I posted this in the q and a before but the only response I received was one that stated that back muscles were responsible for the pain, but I believe I have something else


nagging pain in stomach area when food is not in stomach, sometimes uncomfortable fullness when it is full, but my biggest concern is;

a pain that begins just below my left ribcage, almost directly on my flank. If I were to face you and turn 45 degrees, right where my ribcage ends is where the pain starts. It wraps around from front to back occaisionally but mostly feels of a vague discomfort, as if something is lodged in my left side. Bending to the left (doing a lateral reach to my feet with my left arm exaggerates the feeling but does not create more pain).

About a year ago I went to wipe myself after bowel movement and noticed bright red blood, but it since went away. That was the only time in my life something like that happened. However, for quite a while I have had noticed ribbon like stools, but this tends to only happen to me when I am at college, and I tend to eat less, so I am not sure if this is due to decrease consumption of food or lack of more substantial diet.

I also tend to urinate more frequently than my friends or others, and I sweat many times similar to a patient with hyperhydrosis, mostly under my arms.., when I am not active for no reason.

Putting pressure slightly to the left of my naval also results in a vague feeling of discomfort,usually I have to push harder, but it is not replicatable on my right side.

Other than the above I am an otherwise very healthy/in shape 21 year old college male. I dont smoke, I do drink on occaision....But I get a lot of exercise. However, my diet is probably lacking fruits and vegetables and possibly fiber in some ways.

What does this sound like to you? Am I not getting enough fiber, or does it sound serious? The only thing that concerns me is the pain I feel in my left flank usually only subsides when I maintain a steady diet and constantly have food in my stomach/intestines. I am worried that food is merely padding my insides and taking the pressure off of something inside me...Plus it has been there for a couple of years

on the other hand I seem a little young and healthy for cancer. Plenty of exercise and working out. Also, I have not noticed any major weight changes, but I do seem to be fatigued alot...

What is your opinion? Could someone at least give me several ideas as to what this sounds like? Thank you so much for your time and thought, -
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replied January 21st, 2006
Sounds like ibs to me. It is not as common in males but it does happen, especially if you don't eat right, and drink alcohol alot.
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