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Abnormal Eeg During the Strobe Part?

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i am 22, never had any health problems and no history of convulsions or epilepsy in my family, and had a first seizure 4 weeks ago, in the supermarket after work. I had just started a new job after 4 weeks of unemployment and had spent a lot of the 4 months drinking, although not too excessively, and had been quite stressed out. I was in the supermarket and my vision started to jump about, so I went to leave, got to the checkouts and my vision jumped about a bit again. Then the next thing I remember I came round on the floor, someone said they came round the corner and I was fitting, for about a minute. My muscles ached, but I didn't bite my tongue or soil myself. I was taken to hospital and after about half an hour my blood pressure taken and blood sugar and heart rate tested, all were normal but they did find a urine infection. I haven't had another seizure yet, it's been 4 weeks, but I have had muscle twitches, however I have been really anxious so I thought maybe it could be that.

I got my results from the neurologist today. While most of my eeg was normal, he said there were some epileptic bursts when they did the fastest setting on the strobe light. Does this mean I am definitely epileptic? I didn't wet myself or bite my tongue during the seizure but I guess that doesn't really mean anything. Please help, thanks
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replied December 14th, 2005
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You need to ask the neuro for sure what it means. He is the best to explain.

Epilepsy means you had more than one seizure. There are over 20 kinds of seizures and not all include a tongue bite or wetting.

My daughter had one eeg that showed spiking only during the photic part and the hyperventilation part. She was having seizures but they have since stopped.

I would ask the neuro to clarify what this means in your case and how to proceed....
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