I have a 14 yr old son who might have leukemia. His signs are very tired and he can't fight off infections. He stays sick pretty much all the time. And sometimes he looks yellowish. I don't know if I should be worry about this or not. I just want to know if this is a good sign of leukemia or am I being paranoid about this?

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replied February 26th, 2006
Leukemia is a tough illness, sounds like there is defatly something there and the yellowish skin color sounds like a liver thing, has he seen a doctor? If yes what kinds of tests has the doc ordered? If none you need a new doc, if the usual then I would go back and ask for specific tests and explain that this is not normal and you wnat to know what is going on.

And if you haven't taken him to a doc then please do so that is your best bet!

Also does your son meet all or most of the symptoms of leukemia?

Let us know
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