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Viagra Or Other Approved Drug

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Hello ,

i have written before about various thoughts of me not being the right size or not lasting long etc

i have to say much of this were psychological ... We have done sex like 10-15 times with my gf and its going better and better....

But , still , there is the condom issue .
My erection is rock hard when I am not tired and have eaten well [i am 1,9metres , 72kg - very thing and tall that is] but when I want to do it with her for a second time or third time the erection is not the same....Especially with the condom.......[cause I see that if I start a little bit without its a big diff!]

so I dont know , could I fool around with any viagra for just one time?

Should I do some medical tests before taking that ?

I really would like to give my gf 2-3 hours of continuous sex that would be awesome for both of us...............
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replied December 13th, 2005
Active User, very eHealthy
The "recovery" time after orgasm/ejaculation is different for everyone. I don't think the problem is with the condom, since you don't appear to have any problem the 1st time with the condom; sure it might have some effect, but I don't think it's the only cause.
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