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I have had really bad anxiety for a couple years now and I recently started on zoloft about a month ago and I feel like i'm in a different world. I find myself staring for long periods of time and it scares me because I do this while driving. Along with alll of this my head and body twitches, and I get these brain shivers, and migraine headaches. It litearlly feels as if there is a lack of brain activity or soemthing, or i'm just crazy...Any help would be greatly appreciated....I dont want to go to the doctor yet until I know more because i'm sure they'll just say its all anxiety.
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replied December 11th, 2005
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I would go to the doctor anyway..It may be an adverse reaction to your prescription. Just to be safe, I would express my concerns. In a way, this sounds a little different from anxiety.
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