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Gallbladder Removal - Dietary Restrictions?

I just had my gallbladder removed last friday. I was just wondering, does anyone know if there are any dietary restrictions. My doctor said I can have what I want as long as I can tolerate it. That just does not sound right to me. If the gallbladder is responsible for aiding in the digestion of fat, won't fatty foods cause a problem? Iam afraid to eat anything. I was throwing up so violently before the surgery, I just don't want it to happen again. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
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replied December 23rd, 2005
Hi There
I dont think I can advise you on you diet, but I really could do with some advice from you. I am booked in to have my gall bladder removed in 5 months. I am really nervous about the surgery. The surgeon says I am having keyhole surgery. Can you tell me how you feel after the operation. I am scared incase I vomit or they stick tubes down into my stomach.
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