I used to cut myself I finally stopped a couple months ago but now my girlfriend has started everthing started out going well but then she started to get really pissy at me I thought maybe it was just that time of month so I let her be, then I saw her arm covered in bandaids so I asked her what happened and she said her cat scratched her but there were more and more every week then she sent me an email saying she had been cutting herself
she said its because of this girl thats had a crush on me since 6th grade apparently whenever I wasnt around this girl would totaly humiliate her
what should I do
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replied December 15th, 2005
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This when your girlfriend really needs you the most, my friend. She must be feeling awful cause a girl who likes you is really pushing down on her, and the fact that it's about someone close to her must really make her feel solemn and depressed. It's understandable that she has cut herself due to this. There are many time when I was majorly tempted to un something shrp down me to relieve it. But she doesn't have to do this. If you really want to help her and save her from any more scars then go up to this girl and sort her out. I don't mean bash her about, but just say something; I think support for your girlfriend will also help her. Give her things that she can say. For instance when I was under some form of bullying and antagonism, I would turn and say something like 'you really are a very sad person if all you do is try to upset me.' then leave it and walk away.

People say it only works well in school; but you'd be suprised.

Just be there for her; don't let her cut anymore, let he know your right beside her, where, if you are a loyal and good boyfriend, you should generally be anyways
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