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Too Much Adrenalin? Something Else? Help!!!

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General symptoms:

over all feels like I have too much adrenalin or testosterone, my feet itch from the inside and need to be squeezed / rubbed, the feeling as though I need to have a bowel movement, the feeling that I need to masturbate (penis and/or scrotum itch from the inside and need to be squeezed / rubbed just as my feet do as stated previously), feeling of overall anxiousness like when you have too much adrenalin (similar to an event such as right before you give a public speech), but overall also a feeling of fatigue on top of everything.

Debilitating to the point of halting life as I have known it.

Important: it seems like it may or may not be related to sleep. When I sleep great I wake up feeling normal. Not much tossing or turning, many remembered dreams, etc. When I sleep poorly, ie toss and turn and wake up during the night (i have rem sleep disorder, sitting up in bed, jumping out of bed, etc.) in the morning when I get up I feel that "humming" and terrible feeling from the start. But, this may be because this "feeling" made me sleep poorly! I do not know!

Sometimes during the day I will get extremely tired and then this "feeling" will kick in, almost like my body is reacting to being tired by sending adrenaline. Too much adrenaline. And then there are other days when the feeling is in full force, then it will subside and I will be overcome with extreme fatigue. It's almost like the steps go from: normalcy, then tiredness, then this feeling. Or they will start from the feeling and go backwards to fatigue and then I will nap and feel kind of normal again. Man, is this making sense? :/

please help! The following are entries from my journal trying to figure this out. Need more detail? Please ask. Thanks so much in advance!

Generalizations; have drank alcohol excessively my whole life. Quit for weeks but the "feeling" continues. Liver detoxing? Overall feeling of "badness"; sick yet no fever; anxious, very fatigued; feels like too much testosterone; urge to bowl movement makes it magnified
feet and penis itch from inside, need to be squeezed
hot showers make it better
sleep - I sometimes wake up feeling a definite calmness; sometimes wake up feeling this "humming" right off.

Gagging - every so often I sometimes have to cough and gag as if something is in my throat. This seems to relieve the feeling for a minute or two. Short of breath sometimes as well.

Exercise - when I exercise aerobically I feel the feel the feeling go away a little. A serotonin release, perhaps?

Alcohol - when I have a couple of drinks it seems to stifle the effects of the feeling. Not for good, after a little while it comes back.

Tried beta blocker's, paxyl but did nothing.

Point: in the morning feeling bad, then an intense workout, then a hot shower and eating, sometimes then the feeling leaves. Mostly then later I then usually feel just tired, and the feeling may or not return.

Point: - I have had a number of times (only 3 or 4 in over two years of time when this feeling was in full effect) had the occurrence where the feeling left my body in an instance. As tangible as flipping a light switch. Literally sitting there and then a peace and normal feeling completely fills my body from head to toe. From my feet to my bowels to my head.

- the first time the feeling came, it was after I had quit drinking in february after a trip to canada; it had been 10 days. I started drinking again to help relieve the feeling. After a month I started to work out hard and try not to drink as much and the feeling went away.

- the second time it came it was a year later and it came on at the same time after the same trip to canada. I had still been working out and doing the same routine. The feeling stayed.

- I thought it could be mold. I went to the allergist and was tested.; mold was negative.

- however, I tested very positive for house dust

- one year later we went out of town and stayed for three nights. The feeling was minimal while out of town. The night we returned home I awoke the next morning with the feeling in full force. Immediately we wash our sheets in lieu of my allergies to dust and it seemed to go away, but returned after a few days. Since then we continue to wash our sheets in hot water every week, but am still afflicted.

- after the sleep clinic, and the allergist, I have quit drinking completely and after a month I am still having the feeling. No fever. Fatigued, dizziness sometimes.

- the sleep doctor says that my feet are those of a 70 year old; "pin prick" test.

- in general, good things such as music, and "tapping" (a form of acupressure to relieve stress), showers, massages and alcohol seem to relieve the feeling for a brief time period. Serotonin release I assume?

Please help me, guys. I am praying that god will show me the way and maybe it will be through one of you. Thanks for all the support.

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First Helper cbergm7210

replied December 10th, 2005
I know this is going to sound rather simplistic and probably not the answer your looking for, but I really do just think it's your nerves, over stimulated and stressed for too long. Especially as relaxing activities and alcohol bring relief (albeit temporarily). It's therefore unlikely to be anything else. I've suffered exactly the same for years (your story is uncannily similar to mine in almost every detail), and I have also spent much time looking for a 'magic' answer, something easy like an allergy or undiagnosed condition that could cure it for good in a matter of days if only I could find out what! I'm coming to realise now though my symptoms are exhausted nerves from years of pushing my self too hard, spending too much time thinking, brooding and worrying, whilst neglecting my body, not exercising and self medicating against all negative feelings with alcohol and junk foods. That kind of damage unfortunately can do this, and getting better is not easy. It requires lifestyle change first. Medication may also be appropriate, but like you I didn't have great time on paxil or beta blockers, and they can make things alot worse in long term. Still if you can find right one maybe for a short time, just to help you get some balance back and start on road to repair? Also I assume your doc has tested blood sugar levels? Thats only other thing likely to cause these symptoms apart from nervous strains. Should be checked out just in case.
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replied December 12th, 2005
Thanks for the reply. It's nice to hear that someone else is having some similar symptoms because up to now I just get funny looks when I try to describe what i'm feeling.

I do want to add that I work out virtually every day and I am almost a health nut when it comes to eating. My alcohol consumption has always been my worst habit, and I think it may have something to do with this somehow. I cut the booze out for over a month and things got worse and I have had spells of headaches and incredible fatigue the last week or so. I think my body is detoxing still from the effects of drinking or something.

I am self employed (12 years) being a christian record producer, so I know I do not have the most laid back job in the world. Although I really enjoy it, I know it can be stressful.

How can the doctor check me for blood sugar level problems? Do you mean that my blood sugar could be low on a consistant basis? My program of eating that I am on is one that is specifically designed to even out those levels, so I would be suprised if that was the case...

I am just going to stick it out and really work out hard every day and continue to cut the booze out and see if my body response to this. I don't know what else to do, except go and have all the test run again, or see a nuerologist or something.

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replied December 12th, 2005
Well of course the booze is a depressent, it will calm your nerves, but only for as long as your actually on it. If you've been drinking regularly and you cut it out, your nerves will likely feel quite bad for a while. The longer you've been drinking worse it will be. I have had problems on and off with drink for years too and get the same thing, I think i'm so used to using alcohol as a tool to relax my body seems to have forgotten how to do it naturally when I cut it out.

As for blood sugar it's worth ruling out any problems such as diabtes etc as they can cause nervous symptoms, and i'm still 99% sure that's what your suffering from, even if not so sure what causing it. Perhaps if your that worried seeing neurologist is good idea, if nothing else to rule out any thing serious as I get the feeling it's perhaps worrying you and you could do with peace of mind knowing one way or other?
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replied June 11th, 2011
I too have this same feeling. I have been under a cardiologists care now for 4 weeks and have a follow up appointment on tues to see how my 24 hour urine collection came out, I assume if it were bad he'd have me in asap; so keeping fingers crossed. I experience the same symptoms throughout the day some days being worse then others my job also requires I be awake all hours of the night and also requires I wake up at the sound of a loud tone running my heart bpm from 60 to 100 in 2 seconds flat I believe this lifestyle has caused me to be in a constant state of anxiousnous. My blood sugar was at 92 for blood test and everything found to be normal on my blood result sheet. So im really starting to think me worrying so much about this is making me more "crazy" and kind of getting in the way i live my life. I have had the fight or flight response happen to me a few times and its not fun, as much as I try to control it, sometimes being successful by occupying my mind with something else. I also notice when I dont have a full night sleep I wake up with like an inner tremor feeling or a "humming" of some sort. Sometimes these symptoms come up and worry me a bit causing symptoms to get worse and in turn causing that fight or flight response. Reading these posts have actually calmed me down now knowing it may not be as detrimental as my "mind" makes it all out to be. well anyway thank you for your support as we go through this journey together.. Matt
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replied November 10th, 2012
Richard DD

You have hit the nail on the head what is wrong with me.

Any cure or do i have to live with it for the rest of my life?
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replied April 29th, 2013
It is anxiety. Get at least 8hrs of sleep, 10 if you can. meditate. Exercise, eat right. No caffeine or any other stimulant. Lastly, if all else fails see your Dr. And get some anti-anxiety meds like Ativan or clonazapam. Hope this helps.
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