Im a 42 yo male with very very little body hair, a small amount on my upper lip and chin, very little pubic hair, legs and vitually none on my arms, armpits chest etc.

As a younger guy I was very embarrassed about it, was accused once of shaving my arms, rarely went shirtless and most times wore long pants even in summer.

It pretty much doesnt bother me any more, have accepted it but theres occasionally always that desire to be able to grow a full beard, or see what stubble looks like.

Everyone says to me ''oh youre lucky... You dont have to shave blah blah'', but I do have to shave, only thing is it takes about a minute.

My father was similar, I recall him telling me id only shave where I shave once when very young.

Does anyone know is there any product, cream, medication...Anything that would result in more facial hair for me?
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