I am a 31 yr. Old who recently(nov.13) had a tah, which of course put me into early menopause.I realize my body will never be the same, but I have a few questions.When, if at all, does the crying stop or at least slow down? Crying or Very sad what about the fatigue? Does premarin have anything to do with that? Also- I have noticed major changes in my bowel habits and sleep pattern. Since it has only been 4 weeks since my surgery, I am hoping all of this will cease eventually,at least somewhat!! Am I being totally unrealistic? Please don't think i'm an idiot..This is all new to me!! Confused


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replied December 25th, 2003
Give Yourself Time
dont think you are been an idiot! You are far from one!
Your body has been through so much you wouldnt be normal if you wern't feeling tearful etc. I had a tah last november, I was 34 at the time and was suffering from depression, and about 3 weeks after my operation it suddenly hit me that I couldnt have any more children! (i have 1 boy though who is 13 and wasnt able to have anymore due to having polycistic ovaries and other problems, so I had 12 years of trying for another and lots of tests and then been turned down for ivf treatment) there was always a slight hope in the back of my mind before I had my op that I may become pregnant though and after my op it finalised that I would never become a mum again. It takes so much out of you having a hysterectomy but..........12 months on and I am a new person, I have everol 50 hrt patches, no more painful periods, no more pmt, no more acne and you mentioned sleeping patterns, the first few weeks were a nightmare after my op but I soon got into a sleeping pattern and if I couldnt sleep because I had too much on my mind I would read (still do) until I was tired and focus on what I was reading rather than other things, so please hang on in there things will get better, try and be positive. Having a good doctor helps too? I moved to mallorca 2 months after my operation and I still keep in touch with my doctor in the uk for advice.
Keep you chin up and I hope things get better for you
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