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Sister Contacted Me After Eight Months!


my sister, who is my only family, and I had a fight eight months ago and we haven't spoken since. I'm the one with bipolar. She finally e-mailed me tonight to ask for my new address so she can send me a christmas present!


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replied January 20th, 2006
That's very sweet.
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replied January 24th, 2006
Sisters Reply
Good morning jane...
Are you happy, surprised, angry or just plain confused? I'm with you really...I have a family that called me all the time when they needed help...I would help move them out of their house just to move them in a week later...I would be everyones psychiatrist..I had my sisters and my brothers and my mom and my sisters daughter all live with my husband and myself and my children at one time or other..And I am the one with bi polar and add.. Then I found out I had breast cancer with 2 little ones (my mom died by this time) and not one single person would help me...Talk about devastation...Confusion..This was 6 years ago and I had my share of apologies and such ..Whatever ....But then I haven't heard from my one sister in about 5 years also and she sends me a christmas card with a picture of her and her extended family (one was of her wild daughter that stayed with me for a year and turned out great!) and they didn't bother putting a return address on the envelope..(like I don't know where she lives or something?) ha ha ha I would use those emoticons but they erase everything I write so I am not going to take that chance again... I'm glad I have a picture of them they look great but no thanks...Thanks for the insult and the disrespect...Is she reaching out? No..That's her daughter I took care of that probably sent that to me..Family.. You know I was told a long time ago that you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends and your life.... I hope you are happy and that you and your sister get together again and life is good..I just wanted to share my story...You got to have a sense of humour about these things..
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replied February 18th, 2006
You have a caring sister. I wish I would have a sister like you.
Are you felt happy or sweet? Let me envy you such a lucky person.
Seems like your sister are your santa claus. She buy a present for you. Nice. :d
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