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Pain In Chest

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Hello my name is jenny, i'm 23 yrs. Old i've been a smoker since about the age of 13. And i've been having some pains and was wondering if anyone has had anything similiar and help to give me some incite on to what it may be.
It all started shortly after my daughter was born in oct of 2004 I started having sharp pains in my chest. About 3 mos ago I went to a doctor for another reason and also told her about the pains I had been having in my chest. I would get these sharp pains in the center of my chest about where your heart would be and everytime I would try to take acetaminophen it wouldnt go away I would have to take pure aspirin to get rid of it and that kinda bothered me thinking it was my heart because aspirin thins the blood. Well in my lab work she tested me for h. Pylori some acid in my stomach for ulcers which was slightly elevated to where she thought I didnt have an ulcer but was possibly on my way to getting one, so she prescribed prev-pack which is basically a high dose of antibiotics and prevacid to treat me anyways. Eventhough what I was explaining to her wasnt a burning sort of pain as with indegestion heart burn an ulcer that sort of thing but more a sharp pain. So I was treated for that as well as at the same time I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes meaing im not diabetic but if I dont eat right and exercise within possibly 5 yrs I could become diabetec because my pancreas is being overworked.
Ok so on to more recent symptoms the prev-pac did not take away my chest pains. I just continued to take my regimin of aspirin and was fine until about 4 days ago aspirin isnt working anymore and I got that sharp pain in the middle of my chest worse than ive had it in the past. Then about 2 days ago not only did I get a sharp pain in the center of my chest but my whole back ached right where my lungs would be it hurt like an ache and a sharp pain. It felt like I had a rock stuck in my chest it felt heavy and localized in the middle of my chest in front in that one spot center slightly left and in back on both sides. Also I would get to where id get a sharp pain in my right wrist kinda in the vein up my arm like where they would put an iv. That would happen very seldom though like 2 or 3 times. It would feel as though I was gonna have a heart attack but not because other symptoms I didnt have. Well and now today it seems as tho the pain kinda shifted I feel that rock feeling like its moved to my back side lower left, along with my sides like my rib cage like when you run a long time you get that sharp ache only much milder, and my front side in the center of my chest still has sharp pains not as bad as the last few days though. The only thing is what I couldnt figure is with all the research i've done online trying to figure out what it may be from wracking my brain is it cancer? Is it this?? Is it that?? Everything I look up from emphysema, copd, bronchitis, angina, pneumonia seems like anything I look up im missing the main symptoms the coughing which I dont have (any more than usual considering im a smoker) and the shortness of breath, trouble breathing or weezing I dont have any of that. All I have is the pains and I try to take my pulse but its hard to find in my wrist and if I try to check it in my neck I feel about to faint 1/2 way through checking it. I dont know if its really in my lungs my heart or a little of both but either way I am not haveing any trouble with my breathing or anything and the pain doesnt seem to be affected by things such as eating certain foods or exercise any of that. So im sitting her trying to figure out in my head what it could possibly be because im gonna end up going to a doctor and I have no medical insurance so I am going to the er, and I dont even want to see that bill so I figure if im going in and gonna be slapped with a major bill might as well go over everything and find out whats going on. So im going over all my options as to what it could be to have them check so that im not getting a huge bill and going home problem unsolved like so many physicians seem to like to do in my opinion its always try this if it dont get better come back and well bill you again. I dont wanna have to go back so im going over everything I can now before I go in. So if anyone has had any similiar instances and can possibly give me some incite id really, really appreciate it...... Thank you

p.S. Also I should mention that about a month ago I started experiencing some lower abdominal cramps off and on (and I am not pregnant or even get a cycle because im on depo) as well as pain on my right side about just above my hip, to where I thought great my appendix is acting up but it comes and goes like a throbbing cramp that comes about twice a weeks or so, and I dont know if its relavant or even associated with my chest pain I have now considering my side and lower abdomen hasnt been doing that lately as ive been having my chest pain altho thought maybe I should mention that as well incase it could be related in some way.
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replied February 24th, 2006
Lung Pain
I share your frustration for wanting to know what that chest pain is. Quick background: I have had asthma since I was a young child. I learned to live with you and was told by many that I would outgrow it. It did start to get some better but I messed around and started smoking when I was about 17. I finally quit when I was 25 (34 now) because I got a series of lung infections and pneumonia over about a 12 month period that I had to quit. Well, my asthma gradually started getting better again and then when I was about 31 it got to the point that I had not used my inhaler in about 6 months.

Then suddenly I noticed it started to get bad again. Had to start using my inhaler again. And then I started having these faint, yet very evident pains on the left side of my chest. Feels like its just below my heart. Well I tried to ignore it until it started to get more frequent and more painful. Started going to the dr and they looked at everything and could not find it. I was getting frustrated so I just decided to deal with it. Then it got real bad and it scared me. The combination of the pain and my fear of what it was started to make have spells of dizziness and nausea. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. They treated me like a heart patient because it was pain on the left side of the chest, but after a series of tests they found my heart to be ok. The pulmonologist brushed me off, to be frank, because I was coughing up stuff.

I went to another pulmonologist and he said I did have some pockets of congestion in my lung, but he didn't think it would cause the pain. So, getting sick of doctors, I just dealt with it and eventually it went away. Well now its started to come back which has prompted me to do some research to find out what it is.
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replied April 15th, 2012
Don't forget about your heart!
I am no doctor, but by listening to your symptoms I would say you should get you heart checked if you havn't yet. The pain you described could be due to that; especially if you are pre diabetic and a smoker. Remember that smoking does harm to your heart as much as it does to your lungs.I really don't think you should be taking an aspirin regimin without knowing if you have heart desease and have been perscribed it by a doctor. It is incredibly unnecessary if it is something other than your heart and consider the fact that your body has to process all that aspirin. I don't know if your abdominal pain is linked,but I do know that when people are concerned about one aspect of their health they become sensitive to other things going on in their body that may be normal. Gas can cause significant pain from one side of your abdomin to the other, even in your lower back and sides. Your plan to go to the er next time you experience the pain is not a bad idea. that is what I would do.
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