Hi, I feel really rude being here as i'm lucky enough to have my 14 month old son. But... I'm only 21, I was very poorly and kids wern't an option but I ended up one of the lucky ones and ended up having my son. I said as long as I had one i'd be happy but now my partner and I long fo r another one, we've been trying for only ten months, but i'm woried coz I had to try three years before and I dunno if I could wait that long again.

I feel so selfish asking as I know you all long for children and I hope from the bottom of my heart your wishes come true, but does ovulex work?
I'm worried if it causes birth defects or anything like that? I'm really sorry if i've offended anyone.

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replied November 30th, 2005
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I understand your longing for another child, but isn't fertility treatment a bit much for a 21yr old? Your baby is barely a year old, have you been menstruating regularly? Dunno what to tell you, I guess that best I can reccomend is to let nature take it's course.
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replied December 1st, 2005
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Just because she is young doesnt mean she cant have fertility problems
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