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Any Good Sites For Looking Up About Epilepsy

Hello everyone I hope your all having a good day today

i have been having a few prolims of shaking when I am a sleep so I thoght I would ask if there is any website that I could read up on about it my boyfrined so me have a fit the other night! I cannot remmber this at all! Do anyone have this perolims and my feet and arms legs heands shake at diffent time in the day! I have put an nother post on here if you what to read that too!

But I am very scard about what is going off with me I am 21years old and I do not what to go to the docs

you can call me caz if you what to!
Can someone get back to me!
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replied November 29th, 2005
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Www.Efa.Org go to answerplace

www.Epilepsy.Com go to epilepsy 101 in the top left and there is a lot of information

www.Emedicine.Com is great and has a lot of searchable information on all seizures types, testing and syndromes....
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replied January 28th, 2006
:wink: looks really good thanks loads
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