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My Friend Crazy

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Ok I dont want to talk about her, but she is crazy!, she only 15 going to be 16 soon shes with this guy for about 2months or so and they had sex with out anything on wesday and she thinks that she pergo, I was like omg your kidding me right, and for you all I do have a 5month son, so I know all about this type of stuff, but anywayz he says he wants to have a baby with her and hes going to be 17 next month, but still he says he wants to marry her, but I dont know that whole thing is just killing me! I want to tell her how much of a !**@! she is being but I think im just going to let her end up doing what she going to do b/c I know hes not going to stay around. But I hope what I told her tha other day helps and I hope that she comes around, b/c I know I messed up and I got pergo by an !**@! when I should have been with the real man in my life! But what do you all thing about that ??
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replied November 28th, 2005
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Honestly, if you tell your friend something liek she's stupid or crazy, that will only drive her away from you and would probably only make her want to havea baby even more. True enough, it's definitely no easy task to raise a child at any age, let alone as a teenager.

You can keep trying to talk to her, but I can't say how much you'll get through to her. If she is indeed not pregnant, the best advice I can give you is to tell her to invest in an item called a realcare baby - they are rather pricey, but they are an amazing simulation baby doll. These things are even used in parenting classes because they're that good. If you stick your friend with one of these things for a while, she may chance her mind about having a baby.

Unless the parents of both your friend and her guy give consent, they can't be married until they are both at least 18...But they can be engaged. Who is to say this guy won't just get up and leave your friend after he experiences the reality of fatherhood? I hate to be so harsh, but I know there's not exactly a surplus of teenage guys who are willing to settle down with a family before they're even adults.

The best way to approach this is not to tell your friend how stupid she is (not saying you told her this, but just making a point). You must tell her how much hard work there is involved with child care, and how she'll be hurting herself. She'll need to put a hold on her education for a while, she won't be able to hang out with friends or have much of a social life anymore. All money won't be spent on things she wants, but things the baby needs - babies are very expensive. Something tells me that your friend believes that having a baby means nothing more than carting around a stroller...You are a mother yourself, so you already know all these things. The advice you could give her would be coming straight from someone who has had experience.

I wish you guys luck - I hope your friend makes the right choice.
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