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Stomach Pain - Feels Flu Like

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Hi there,

over the thanksgiving holiday, I became ill. I, of course, ate too much on thursday, and was rather uncomfortable. As the evening progressed the discomfort turned painful, and my stomach, not my general abdominal area, was very tender to the touch. At about 1 am that night I began to throw up. I threw up for about 6 hours on and off, and ended up with dry heaves. I was unable to keep food or water down for 2 days. The pain in my stomach felt more like a contraction, extending from my stomach around my back in a "band". All this was accompanied by feeling extremely tired and run down, and achy. I ran a fever of about 101.6 for several days. I slept for a good 32 hours straight. Now, the other symptoms have gone away, no longer achy or tired, and I feel fine except for the fact my stomach is still still very tender, so much in fact that I don't want to eat, as it makes it worse. Even breathing deeply is uncomfortable. I am 25, fairly healthy, recently stopped smoking, somewhat over weight and have two kids. I wrote this off as being the flu, but now am not so sure with the continued stomach pains. Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

replied November 27th, 2005
I usually do not throw up with the flu but maybe you had a bit of food poisining?? If it dose not get better soon, I would make an appt with your dr to have it checked out, see if the will do an ultrasound first, if it turns up normal and blood is normal and you are still experiencing pains raidiating to your back have them do a hida scan, to see if it is your gallbladder...

I just had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and went on with months of agony, I just wish someone would have told me what tests to have done so I could of have this resolved sooner, I really hope you are ok and it is over soon...

replied November 27th, 2005
I must admit it sounds like food poisoning to me. The fever with it is a classic symptom of food poisoning or gasterenteritis. It can take a long time for your stomach lining to renew itself, so you will feel uncomfy for a while.

replied November 28th, 2005
It Could Be Gallbladder
I have a bad gallbladder, and my symptoms were like yours. It almost seemed like food poison and took hold of me in the form of bad stomach upset and nausea. I took some tums and went to bed miserable. I eventually had to go to a doctor and he ran a ct scan on my organs and found that I had no inflammation or stones. So he gave me some protonix and a cns depressant. Well I took these for about 2 months and stopped. I went two months w/out a problem then out of the blue again it hit me like a ton of bricks and at night. I finally went to see an internist and he said he suspected gallbladder disease. I took a hide scan test and sure enough, it came back w/ a low functioning gallbladder., it was like 17.2% anyway, I am currently on aciphex and dealing w/ it. I do not want surgery and am getting scheduled to go to detox camp. Try a gallbladder flush and see if any stones come out.