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bipolar hypersexuallity

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I think its the hypersexuallity thing. Can't get enough. My theory if it's truly bipolar hypersexuallity. Saying no won't keep them from having sex, it just won't be with them. I've left for weeks in manic phases try anything available with no regret till you crash. Bipoler is alot more complex then most think I hate when it's get compared with moody and wishy-washy. It trivializes a large group of people who really suffer and don't even know why. Sorry to soap box but I know a few that self diagnosed the selves bp till they saw me at the peak of a hypermanic episode. They had no idea.
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replied January 31st, 2010
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I agree "I know a few that self diagnosed themselves bp till they saw me." I get sick of hearing well I get really happy and sometimes really sad so I must be bipolar. Please! It's not anywhere near that simple.
If you ever want to pm me feel free. I am diagnosed bp 1 w/ mixed features and rapid cycling.
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replied February 10th, 2010
i've been there too..the only think that we should bear in mind is to be careful
during the action..but its not only being bipolar is being sexy too!
I also agree that there are many people that have not idea about bipolar
and when you tell them your problem they say that they have been in similar
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