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Women Who Have Had Their Appendix Out And Given Birth...

which is more painful?
having your appendix out for appendicitis/other condition
giving birth (natural)
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I'm having a debate with my male friend over painful experiences. He says that having his appendix out for appendicitis was as painfull as the male version of giving birth.

I'm looking for the opinion of women who have given birth and had their appendix out for appendicitis/other appendix condition. Which one is more painful?

I hope this isnt a silly/stupid question, but i'm interestd in what women who have gone through both have to say. Comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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replied November 24th, 2005
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I had my apendix taken out right after it ruptured, and I went through 36 1/2 hours of labour and I had a c-section. I did not have a vaginal delivery but the labour pain was worse than my appendicitis. And i'm sure pushing out a head would hurt even more. The c-section wasn't that bad, I was up and walking 12 hours later (the earliest they'd let me)
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