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After Gallbladder Removal

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I am sorry to hear some of the people on this board have had problems with their surgery. This is the most common surgery performed. Mine went very smooth on october 14, 2005 in ames, iowa and I am 100% back to normal with no problems. I can only hope that everyone will get back to health as well. We deserve to feel healthy in our lives. Those going in for the surgery should ask their doctors how many they have done. My doctor had had his gallbladder out and knew the process very well. My best to everyone and happy thanksgiving.

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replied November 23rd, 2005
Hi daniel-
i am very happy to hear this, I responded to yuo before ona diffrent post adn told you I was scared about surgery but your experience helped me, I had my surgery on the 11th of this month and life has been so much better, I am almost 2 weeks post op and still eating low fat, they told me to for the first 2 week and I am not going to go hog wild on the 15th day but I am eating so much more now and feeling better every single day.

I really did not have any pain after surgery just discomfort and did try and eat some beans a few days ago that did not agree with me, the dr told me I would learn what my body want now and well beans are not it.. But really other than that things have been great.. I was so scared before but I know I could not keep up living my life in pain and surgery was definatly the best choice for me... Unlike you I did not have any stones but I had a disfunctioning gallbladder..

How are things now for you, you said a few bowle problems?? Any more, have you learned certain things bother you???


replied November 24th, 2005
I had my gb removed on the 6th october. I am almost back to normal, apart from slight soreness around the main incision & on the edge of my ribcabe, but generally only if I knock it. I too had a look at your website daniel & found it helpful :d

replied August 12th, 2008
I had my gall bladder out on 21st August 2007
Hi Daniel

My name is Narelle I am 35 I had my gall bladder out on the 21st of August 2007 since then I have been lactose intollarant and can not have anything that is spicy or creamy Would love to hear from you

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replied March 19th, 2009
hello anyone listenin
My name is April I am 24 about to be 25. I had my gallbladder taken out in 2004, and i've had attacks is what i call them ever since. Bad pains in upper abdomen, shortness of breath, problems with my bowels. I feel the need to make myself cold somehow or sometimes eating helps. I also can't take any kind of pain medicine except for tylenol or anything mild or that will set an attack on and if its bad i only can let it go away on its own. So please if anyone has the same problem I would like to hear from you.
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replied April 1st, 2012
sex after gallbladder removal
I had gallbladder removed three days ago, can I have sex with my husband since I am not in much pain?
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replied April 4th, 2012
@brook - I'd wait at least a week.

I had mine out two days ago, so far I'm not doing too badly. I've responded well to foods and drinks and the only discomfort I have is with my bellybutton incision. They had to make it a bit bigger because of the size of one of my stones.

One thing that I was told by my Dr is codine or nurofen could potentially cause constipation - so if these are prescribed, try to alternate them with a normal panadol.
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