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Lump On Uvula And Throat Irritation

awhile back I was having a sensation of my throat being tight, always feeling like I had mucus to clear but couldn't. Have been to doctor twice, !St time we tried a nasal spray to rule out post nasal drip. That wasn't it so now we are trying losec for acid reflux, but that is not helping.

This started 2 months ago, and while it certainly isn't as bad or as often as before it is still aggrivating. I should mention that since this started I have had this lump on my uvula. My Dr. Says it's only a mucus cyst and is not related.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any related info would be nice.
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replied November 23rd, 2005
Damn Punching Bag
Hey there, i've read through some posts here, and I am now quite relieved that I am not alone with this uvula enlargement. I went to the doctor the other day and all she said was to take ibuprofen and the swelling should stop. Before I left the hospital they gave me a small dosis of liquid steroids? Anyone ever had to take that for this matter? Anyways. It tasted like cough medicine. So, now that I know what it is exactly, or kinda, I am somewhat relieved. However it remains that this feeling on the base of my tongue is annoying the hell out of me.

Edit* about the uvula, for some reason I do not feel any kind of irritation or any sort of soreness in my throat. The only thing iam feeling is this lump on my uvula? Does anyone have that same experience? And yes, at times there is also a dryness kind of feel.

Edit ii* also, its probably just me but, I find warm tea, honey and lemon; no sugar - helps out a bit.

And other things that I do, that I think would help:
-gargle with luke-warm salt water
and -drink lots of water, not cold water.
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replied September 14th, 2007
hi there. i rily wondering about the enlaregment of my uvula. it just started last nyt after a big drink of beer. i wake up this morning and it's really hard to swallow. i just find out that my uvula is enlarge its elongated.. i dont kon how to cure it.........
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