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Having Hard Time Urinating At Certain Times of the Month!

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I have had several bladder infections in the last year or two. Finally I got them to go away. Until about 2 weeks ago.. I started feeling like I had one again. I started taking the herb uva ursi cuz it seemed to help me last time but it didnt' do much this time. I went to the doc and he said my tests were clear. This was quite upsetting! He put me on an antibiotic anyway and I am doing much better. First... Does anyone know if uva ursi screws up your test results... Making it look like you dont have an infection when you do?

Also, the other major problem I have is not being able to urinate. I notice this most at the time of month that I am ovulating or when I have held it for a while and then finally go to the bathroom. Talk abouty a weird feeling!! My bladder is so full it feels like it will explode yet I cannot go. I hate it! Has anyone here ever had these symptoms? I am wondering if I have an ovarian cyst or something that is pressing on my bladder especially at certain times of the month. My doc suggested a urologist and I think I do need to see one but I wonder if seeing an gyn first is the best step.

Thanks for any help in advance. It is amazing the trouble these bladders can cause!!! It is nice to know I am not alone in these things!
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replied January 11th, 2010
I have the same exact symptoms plus many others and I am miserable b/c of it. I feel as if my bladder is extremely full constantly and yet when i go, only a tiny dribble comes out so that i have no relief and i still feel like i have to go, basically nonstop all day and night, making it hard to sleep or do anything at all without concentrating on it. On top of this it feels like there is constantly pressure on my bladder or it is going to explode and it burns when i urinate and afterwards also depending on the foods i eat. Citrus, Caffeine, Carbonated beverages, tomatoes, salt, and extra flavoring additives make the burning worse. When i had tests to check for a urinary tract infection, they came back negative,meaning there was no infection. After going to two urologists they have concluded i have Interstitial Cystitis, which has many of the same symptoms as a urinary tract or bladder infection but there is no infection present so antibiotics won't help. There is no cure but there are treatments to try and ease the symptoms. So far i haven't found anything that's worked for me and when i tried Elmiron, a common pill prescribed for IC, it made me so sick to my stomach that i kept throwing up. I will keep searching for something to help though b/c i'm miserable and it's ruining the quality of my life. And i'm only 21 and been dealing with it for over 2 years. Good Luck and hope you find out if Interstitial Cystitis is what you have.
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