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Herbal Abortion

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Before anyone dives down my throat about this, i'll say straight out that i'm not in any way attempting this - i'm just gathering people's opinions and thoughts on the subject.

But anyway, the term 'herbal abortion' is pretty self-explanatory, is it not? I had read about this last summer and I found it intriguing in a sadistic sort of way. Basically, a woman ingests certain herbal supplements on a very constant regular basis for a certain time period in order to end her pregnancy (no longer than 2 weeks, because it can cause major problems in the woman's body and threaten her health). It is said that the woman should do this within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, because after that point, herbs will not cause miscarriage and can cause birth defects as well as physical and mental problems in the unborn child; women need to begin taking herbs or herbal supplements the week before or the week of their period because it's when implantation usually occurs. Herbal abortion isn't entirely effective - it has about a 45% success rate if it's done correctly, but most women who attempt this end up needing a clinical abortion before infection sets in.

Herbs that are used for the purpose of inducing miscarriage are:

dong quai - stimulates the uterus to cause contractions

black cohosh - helps the cervix to relax and open (this is used by some midwives to prepare for childbirth)

cotton root bark - messes up progesterone levels and causes uterine contractions

rue/rutin - stimulates adrenaline (this herb has also been used as an emergency contraceptive)

vitamin c - really messes up progesterone levels

i have read tales of women who have used these herbs and successfully ended their pregnancies, but they needed to take lots and lots of supplements. To keep the herbs fresh and continuous in their bodies, women need to take 100-300 mg of certain herbs every 1-2 hours, even waking up at night to take them. True enough, this is definitely pretty morbid, but it's not a new technique - people have used said herbs for centuries to end pregnancies all around the world.

Other things are done along with using herbs, such as wearing very tight clothes, traveling, and having sex - any of those can contribute to varying degrees to making miscarriage occur with the ingestion of herbs. There's quite a few risks that accompany this, such as the herbs not working, hemorrage, incomplete abortion, allergic reactions, poisoning/overdose, or ectopic pregnancy.

Thoughts? Success or failure stories? Bring it all here. I'm not taking any sides on this issue - I simply wanted to share this information and see what everyone's opinions are.
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replied November 26th, 2005
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Wow, I have never heard of this!!

All I can say is that if a woman is going to get an abortion, she should see a medical professional, especially if there is only a 45% success rate. Because it sounds like that if it doesnt work she will just end up giving this baby birth defects...Which is awful to even think about someone doing!

And I am not saying abortion is the right road to take either- before anyone gets upset with me....But it is a legal choice that woman have and if thats what they are going to do no one can stop them, I just think it should be under medical advisement and it shouldnt be a do-it - yourself sort of thing.

I am pro-choice, only to protect the rights of women who find themselves in situations where their own choice was taken from them, like rape, incest, molestation, and where the mother's life is at risk or the baby's life or quality of life damaged. I absolutely think it is awful for people to use it as "back up birth control" but that is my opinion and it applies to how I choose to live my life only, I have no right to tell other women what to do in their own lives because each circumstance is different.
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replied March 13th, 2010
i am in the middle of doing a herbal abortion at this moment i have two daughters and had a clinical termination last year i just felt if i went back to the doctor to ask for another clinical termination i thought i would be judged. i am very much aware of the risks involved with what i am doing but i have researched the subject very much before going ahead with it i reckon i am about 3weeks pregnant from conception so it has more of a chance of working. it hasnt been a decision i have gone into lightly but i feel so strongly about not having any more kids. all i can say is there are options open to everyone i think herbal abortion is only for people that are going to be strong enough to cope and handle their own actions. it is not for everyone. it depends very much on the person and their personal circumstances and what their history is as far as getting pregnant is concerned and also if they have had a clinical or medical abortion previously. i dont know if i would do this again but i was desperate and couldnt face going to my doctors for a second time with an unwanted pregnancy. i also think its a shame that women are the ones who have all the pressure of pregnancy and the choice of whether to go ahead with it or not. i just feel with this option of herbally inducing my pregnancy i have more contrl over what is happening because when you as a person are under general anaestethic having a clinical abortion you dont have control on what way your own pregnanacy is being terminated and handled. im not saying that doctors butche rwomen when aborting unwanted embryos but my experience of clinical abortion was that of feeling as if my body had been ripped apart inside and the pain was so incerdibly unbearable afterwards not to mention the guilt. i feel herbal abortion is more empowering and gives the women involved more of a say as to whats happening and when and that it can only be a good thing for womankind. but please before embarking on anything like this please do your research and think long and hard on whether it is for you or not.
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replied April 1st, 2010
Herbs can be dangerous if taken in large doses and must be used with care. Herbs used for abortion work by producing a toxic chemical condition in your body that would keep a pregnancy from being sustained. The idea is to terminate the pregnancy without making yourself sick or dead in the process. This is why it is important to consult with someone knowledgeable in this method.

The success rate of herbal abortions varies greatly and you must be willing to do a follow-up surgical abortion if the herbal remedies do not work. Herbal methods are best used as soon as possible after conception or your first missed menstrual period. Their success rate drastically drops as the pregnancy continues.

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replied October 10th, 2010
Herbal Abortion
Dyson, was your herbal abortion successful? I hope it was Smile I'm about to undertake an herbal abortion using rue and ginger to help it along. I'm really worried, I'm terribly unprepared for pregnancy and really busy with school. Any words of wisdom you may have to share would be really comforting to me Smile

Thank you.
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replied June 30th, 2012
This thread is old, obviously, but this information is important.

Herbal abortion is NOT a "quick and painless" method. It is NOT simply popping pills and going about your life. It requires dedication and being tuned in to your body to work, and even the most tuned in of us might not find success.

I have had two successful herbal miscarriages and one failed. I believe the second failed because I was unable to connect with the "child spirit" and release it. This is key, you MUST find it within yourself to connect to the spirit and release it for these methods to work. I was on birth control each time I got pregnant in case anyone wants to judge - it simply does not work for me.

I suffered through kidney pain, dizziness, headaches and all manor of anxiety throughout each process. There are no guarantees it will work but you are potentially recapturing your own freedom without subjecting yourself to the judging eyes in the abortion clinic. Modern medicine does not have all the answers, this is the way of our ancient mothers.

The earlier you start, the better. If you realize you've had risky sex, start Rutin as soon as possible BEFORE your period is due. I did this and believe I was able to prevent a major catastrophe. I began 6000mgs of Vitamin C days before my period was due and although I was late, I did get my period within a few days. I am convinced I was pregnant (swollen breasts, late period, all that) but used Vitamin C/rutin with success.

It is imperative that you are prepared to follow up with a clinical abortion should these methods fail. The first time I tried it, I did not miscarry until the 9th week, at which point it is DANGEROUS to do at home.

Since some herbs are difficult to find, it is best to have them on hand in the event of an emergency. Learn the PREVENTATIVE herbs (Queen Anne's Lace, Rue, etc) before you try to acclimate yourself to the more serious, post-emergency methods. It is easier to prevent than to resolve after an accident.

If you can, find a naturopath to help you. This is considered "forbidden" knowledge and it will be hard but there are women out there who carry this knowledge from woman-to-woman and are happy to guide you through this difficult time.
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