My two best friends are lanese and denis,even though i've known denis since we were babies,i've never had feelings 4 him he's my older brother and I love him lyke 1, until my now best friend which I met in the 3rd semester of 8th grade we turned into like sisters I love her and I kno she loves me but when my 2 best friends met it was lyke luv at first sight I thought everything would be perfect till like 2 months into the relationship sumthin went wrong I dont kno wat but they started having lil arguements so they would both call me and I would resolve it, we would always chill since it was the summer, one day while we were over his house it was juss me lanese and denis it would be normal for me to leave the room while they have sex so i'd always go downstairs and tlk on the fone, when they called me back up,i was happy cuz I fallin asleep and so I went and we watched movies,when denis' mom called so he left the room so me and lanese could tlk while we were tlkin she told that she didnt want to have sex but denis had kinda made her, I was madd but she told me not 2 say nething so I didnt but another day we were over there denis had lanese's cell phone and was deleting boyz numbers but she didnt wat him 2 so she kept hittin him and she know he doesnt like bein hit he pinned her down and was yellin at her while she was cryin and since denis was stonger then her he held her back, I was madd I could'nt do anything because it was none of my business until one of them come to me so that whole night consisted of them fightin she would hit him,and he would sometimes hit back, he claims he loves her but I dont see it in them anymore I love them both but I cant choose between then again shes a freshmen and he's a junior, I juss dont wat her to get hurt, in the beginning of the relationship they were so lovie-dovie enough to make me sick *lol* and I always hoped and prayed ill soon have a relationship like thiers but I dont even kno anymore, i'd have my arguements with denis when he calls lanese a !**@!,becuz I believe no female should be disrespected like that my mother brought me up to believe that, they used to tlk on the phone all the time it reminded lanese friend of a song called "still" by tamia now they barely even tlk the song reminded my friend lanese of her and denis and when I listen to it it reminds me of the kind of relationship I what they dont kno this but I pray for them every night before I got to bed hopin they still go on strong and hopefully he'll change for the best of them.... And me :cryin: becuz their family to me and nuthin is gon change that the song that reminds me of sumtin that could happen 4 them later in life if he doesnt change is " love is blind" by eve , but im hopin that it wont lead to all that but if it does I got my glock, and my nine and we killin a !**@! *lol*
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