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I frequently get headaches and lately it seems when I get a headache I also experience severe tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. My boyfriend thinks I need to see a chiropractor because i'm so tense. Does anyone else notice these symptoms occuring simultaneously? Also I have allergies and get a lot of sinus headaches, could the muscle soreness be related to allergies too? Also, I am very well endowed and have a petite frame. Geez, this could be any number of things causing my neck pain. I'm a wreck.
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replied November 21st, 2005
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I have a lot of allergies, headaches as well as neck pain. I also see a chiropractor for the neck problems. I find a lot of relief as far as better mobility with my neck with a good chiro adjustment.

For the headaches that tighten things up, I have found that using a soft cloth ice pack and moist cold helps a great deal! Wrap the pack in a damp paper towel and it is really cold. Just for 10-20 minutes. Be careful you do not freeze the skin though....

I have had 2 sinus surgeries for cysts and still have a lot of infections. I am finding that when an infection is coming on, I drink a lot of water and use saline spray and this seems to help. It loosens it all up and I geet well faster.
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replied February 3rd, 2006
I get them every single day..Every 6-8 hours when the med's starts to wear off.. My symtoms are this..

It starts with tension in the shoulders/upper back, moves to the back of the neck..And if left alone..Will become a a throbbing heache that feels like a migrain. The only thing that has worked for me so far is plan old excedrin migrain aspirin. Works far better then the stuff the Dr.'s have given me which doesn't work.. But I am concerned because I take 2 aspirin every 6 hours on average..

Now I am looking into what it is aspirin actually does. Anti-inflammatory, and thins the blood. I think these two things are key to keeping the headaches away..So now I am reaching herbs that have the same kind of effect that wont eat away the lining of my stomach :)

anyone else have headaches the way I have described?
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replied February 8th, 2006
Neck And Shoulder Pain With Headaches
I have the same kind of headaches that you are describing. Mine started two days after I moved our massive christmas tree out of the house. The thing was so big and heavy, and I had been sick with dangerously low blood pressure for a year and a half, and therefore, wasn't able to do much. Pretty much inactive, even gained weight because of it. Anyway, 2 days after I moved that monster tree, I noticed neck tension. I have an alcoholic husband who had been on one of his binges, but had sobered up. The last binge he went on was horrible, lasted a month, he ruined christmas for everybody, etc. Then, when he wanted to sober up, he kept me on the run for about a week and a half. Keep in mind that I had not been used to doing all this stuff. So this neck tension starts, my neck wasn't stiff, it just was so tense. And stayed that way then started moving down into my shoulder blades, between my shoulder blades, basically my whole upper back. I have a messed up lower back also, ten bone spurs on vertebraes l1-l5 plus spina bifida occulta. Well, all this tension got worse, took my husband took my Dr. To be put on meds to help control drinking, and while I was there I told my Dr. About the headaches across the back of my head. I have gad so I always worry about recurring headaches, they terrify me. He felt my neck and shoulders and told me that they were hard as rocks. On top of my left shoulder there was a knotted muscle the size of a golf ball. He gave me a cortisone shot in that it was so bad. Took the knotted muscle away, but that's about it. I finally got so scared I took myself to the er and had the Dr. On call do a ct scan of my brain which came back normal except for complete opacification of the right maxillary sinus. She also put me on skelaxin, which helps, but when it wears off, the tension and headache always come back. My problem now is this.....I have heard horror stories on this internet about how ct scans are useless in detecting brain tumors. How could they be? The hospital I went to is in a big city and is a branch off an even bigger hospital in a bigger city. I asked the radiology tech before the test how accurate the machine was, and if there was a mass, would it show up. She told me that the machine they use is new, a 16 slice scanner, compared to the old 6 and 8 slice ones, and was top of the line. It can detect aneurysms, small bleeders, but it can't detect brain tumors? I walked out of that hospital sooooooooooo happy and relieved, but now i'm convinced I have a tumor again. Can't win for losing. But.....My headaches never get severe, they're very dull, it's my neck and back that the pain is severe in. Husband rubbed my back last night and he found another knotted muscle the size of another golf ball and said that there were so many knotted muscles it was unreal, he said it felt like there were rocks under my skin. So, I took a skelaxin and a hydrocodone, and the headache and tension went away. I spend hours at this computer as I do computer graphics and I sit very slumped over. So I don't know, I can't stop worrying about it. My Dr. Told me that he has diagnosed people with brain tumors via ct scans vs. Mri's, so why does the internet say that ct scans are useless? I would think if they were, they would get rid of them completely.
Sorry for such a long post, but this tension, headache thing is getting old, and it's comforting to know that somebody else out there is experiencing the same thing. However, that doesn't mean i'm glad you have them, i'm very sorry that you do.
Next time I post I promise to keep it shorter.

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replied February 10th, 2006
Hi mellie!

Im sorry for all the troubles your having..But like you its nice not to be completely alone. I sometimes felt I was nuts because no one really ever gets down to why I have this.

Anyway, I dont know if this will help you or anyone else..But in my first post I mentioned I was researching herbs and such to see if there was something naturally out there that would help relieve the neck,back tension like your having. The headache is easy.. One aspirin and it usually wipes it out..Its the back, neck and shoulder tension that is just killer. Anyway, I by accident found omega 3 (fish oil) it naturally is a blood thinner and anti inflammatory. I went to gnc and told them I wanted the strongest stuff they had.. I ended up with 60 gel caps of nordic naturals, pharmaceutical grade ultimate omega. Keep in mine i've tried everything..Only oding on alot of aspirin has helped me.

Onward to my experiment.. My neck tension is like clock work..Every six hours if im awake..Strangely..If im sleep im usually fine..

So I took a omega gel cap at about 11am..I usually start get the back tension with the following headache by 2pm.. So having only takened one..I figured it was to early to tell if it was really helping..So I took my normal 2tabs of aspirn the moment I felt a twinge that something was starting.. Ok good, fine so far.. I took another omega around 4..Then I started to notice something.. I just felt relaxed, calm..Almost like a sense of well being.. Well by 8 when its normally time for another dose of asprin..Guess what..Notnhing..No creeping of tension in my shoulders or back..I took another omega by 10pm..And I think I was sleep around midnight.. But I went through the entire day one 1 dose of asprin! This is unheard of for me..

Ok still afraid to really get my hopes up.. I started up the next day..This time I took an omega soon as I woke up..Around 9am..By 2 I started getting a migrain but no back tension! This to is a big deal for me.. So this time I took 1 aspirin and the head went away ..I think about 5pm..I felt a tiny twing of stiffness in my neck..Nothing that was so bad I needed to medicate myself with..And for this I use a little minerial ice bought at walgreens..And that took it away as I took my next dose of omega 3. This bottle cost me 26.95 for 60 gel caps and i've been on them for 3 days now.. I dont know if it will help you or anyone else out there..But it is really making life easier for me. I actually am starting to feel human again..I felt terrible on aspirin..But it was the only thing that would work..

Next, is magnesium and ginger root..Both of these are suppose to help with headache. Ginger root I believe is also a natural anti inflammatory..And magnesium is suppose to help with the headache part of it. Then there is another one called fever few that is suppose to be great for migrains. My next test is on ginger root and magnesium..Just waiting for the mail man to deliever them so check back in a week and i'll let you know how its working out.

About the tumour..I thought that too..But i've had this for about 10 years..Migrains i've had about 20 years..So I wouldn't worry if they didn't find them..But you might want to look up the benifits of 35% food grade peroixide.. Thats something else I will experiement with at a later date. My guess, is you got a pinched nerved from moving that heavy tree...Thats about the only thing my Dr. Agrees on is that I have a pinched nerved in my neck...My back lower back like yours got messed up some years ago.The things your Dr. Give you..Pay attention to what it actually does.. Msucle relaxer/anti inflammatory etc..And look for a natural product...Since i've suffered with all this for so long..I've given up on anything curing whatever it is.. But im looking for mor healthy, natural alternatives *huggles* get better hun..

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replied February 11th, 2006
Did you have headaches everyday? Like...Were they recurring? I finally went to the chiropractor yesterday, he's different than most of them, he didn't just throw me up on a table and start prodding a probing on my spine, he did all kinds of x-rays, did an ultra-sound massage with some kind of lotion that started out really cold and then turned warm, then started working on my lower back. He found no pinched nerves, no herniated discs, nothing except a bone spur on one of the vertebraes in my neck which he said was not significant and shouldn't be causing me problems. Most people's spines in their neck have a curve in them, but mine was straight. He said that could cause problems, like headaches. And he found 10 bone spurs in lower back, arthritis and spina bifida occulta. He said that I was so tight that it would take a long, long time to fix it. He found countless knotted muscles and the muscles that weren't knotted he said were tight as a drum. He thought it was due to the fact that I had moved that christmas tree after being so inactive for a year and a half. Compared it to him picking up a pickup truck and the damage that doing that would cause him.
I haven't had a headache for the past 3 days, but I talked to my best friend last night and she made one comment that scared me so now i'm back to worrying about brain tumor again, even though the chiropractor, which has ordered ct scans on other people told me that they are very accurate in detecting abnormalities of the brain. Even explained how they work to me. I spent the rest of the day feeling like I had been drugged I was so relaxed and relieved, then she made that comment
thanks for the info on fish oil. I think i'll try it. I've heard that fish oil is good for many, many things, and have considered trying it in the past. One question about it though.....Do you burp up a "fishy" taste when you take it? : )

all the best,
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replied February 11th, 2006
Hi mellie,
i have that too..My bones in my neck have no curve. Every since I was a child I had a habit of walking with my head down..Looking to the ground. My chiropractor said that is more then likely what caused me to loose the curve and he also said that is probably what cause my headaches.

I get headaches every single day..Last year I went 4 days headache free..And the only reason I can tell you that..It was like such a big thing not to have to take asprin for those 4 days..

Im on day 4 of the nordic naturals ultimate omega fish oils.. Yesterday was a really good day.. No stiffens, no tension creeping up the shoulders, back and neck...Two slight headaches..One I took one asprin for..The last cleared up on its own...I just used a little headon..Its like a lip balm but you rub it on yoru forehead and it makes it cool...

The nordic fish oils are the puriest...They have a slight lemon taste and no fish oil burps what so ever.. I heard you get that with the cheaper fish oils and that they aren't as pure as they should be.. I would have to say this is the best 27 bucks i've spent in a while.. Remember I told you day one or two..Can't remember which..But I had a slight tingle of tensioin but nothing I needed to medicate myself for.. Well I increased my dosage yesterday..One fish oil cap every 3.5 hours..And that did it..No tinge of tension...And it just leaves me feeling relaxed...But not codene drugged kind of relaxed..Like natrually relaxed..Like this is the way I should have felt... It also gives you a sense of well being and a clearer head.. Im really amazed...If you make it to your gnc store, give it a try..Hopefully it will work well for you as it does for me..

I really wasn't a believer in taking herbs or vitamins..But this stuff made a believer of me..Im so encouraged now..Im going to try other things..Just waiting for the shipment to arrive..But now that I seem to have licked this annoying, miserable tension..Going to see if I can do something that will keep the headaches away...But if I find nothing to help with that part of it.. I am very thankful that tension is now under control..Naturally... And I feel so much better then I did when taking all those asprin..

Speaking of the loss of the curve in your neck..My dr told me to get one of those round neck pillows and lay with my head back on it for 20 minutes a day...Problem with that is.. I still have a habit to walk with my head down..Not sure how im going to break a 40 year old habit..

Well if you manage to find something that works for you let me know.. I've gone to the Dr. Off and on for 4 years..And they could never really explain why this is happening..Alot of guessing..The drugs they gave me really didn't work.. My mother thinks mordern medicine is over rated and about making money..And not curing. She's big into herbs and vitamines..So it got me thinking..I've tried everything else..Im going to see if there is something that will work.. Since asprin was the only thing that helped me.. I broke down what it is asprin actually does..Then I looked for something natrual that did close to the samme thing...Thus.. I am now a big believer of fish oil :)

if your that worried about tumors..Maybe you should have your Dr. Refer you to a specialist.. But on the bright side..You didn't start getting headaches til you moved the tree..So it doesn't seem like it would be tumour related..

Write soon

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replied February 12th, 2006
How did you endure headaches every single day with the exception of 4, for a whole year? Didn't that drive you crazy? It would've me, I know that. Did you ever get a ct scan done, anything? Obviously you're okay, or you'd know it by now if something was wrong. My husband's aunt had headaches at the back of her head for a whole year too. She told me that she used to beg god every night to let her wake up the next morning headache free. In her case I would've been terrified because brain aneurysms run high in that family. But she never worried about that, when one killed her sister (my husband's mother), one almost killed her aunt and one killed her 11 year old 2nd cousin, all on my husband's grandfather's side of the family. His grandfather had a massive stroke that killed him. But these people never worry about recurring headaches. My husband gets them often in the back of his head, and he describes them as "debilitating". But it doesn't worry him.
I think I have a brain tumor phobia right now, and I think it's due to being under an enormous amount of stress, constant, everyday, horrific stress for the past 4 years. Won't go into detail, but believe me, it's been bad. During that four year period, I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly and due to other reasons, I have not dealt with his death. Sometimes I think i've just snapped, had some kind of an emotional breakdown, I really do. I'm so severely depressed and can't seem to snap out of it. I've never been depressed like this before. But i've never been through what i've had to go through the past 4 years before either. So I think that maybe, at least I hope, that all that stress, anxiety, depression, anger, rage that I feel inside is contributing to all this neck, back, shoulder and head pain.
The chiropracters visit was great, however, i'm so sore today, feel very tensed up and unusually sore, is that normal?
Didn't mean to unload on you, just wanted to let you know that all this is going on. Maybe the reason I can't shake having a tumor, stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ( having anxiety/panic disorder doesn't help either, neither does going through menopause : ( oh, the joys of being a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hang in there, and keep me posted on that fish oil, I really think i'm going to try that.

All the best,
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replied February 12th, 2006
I guess when you've had them as long as I have..You just sort of get use to them...They are miserable to have believe me. But I think the tension in the back shoulders and neck are the worse to deal with..The headache will go away without to much medication (one aspirin) the back tension took two and was reoccuring soon as the aspirin wore off..If I tried to ignore it..It would fester into another headache..So I was taking aspirin...2 every six hours for as long as I was awake..

This last week since started this omega3 is the most relief i've had in years.. It gives me alot of hope and really has me searching now for the natural stuff that is good for me.. I to have had alot of life altering changes in the last 8 years that I wish on no one..I was also told I was in depression by my Dr. I tried anti depressants..Different kinds..Nothing seemed to help that either..But the omega3 helps your brain cells and gives you a sense of well being..Its really worked wonders for me..

I have ginger root and magnesium coming tomorrow..Can't wait to see if that helps the headache side now that I seem to be managing the tension part of my ailments.. Even if they dont..Having the tension not flare up is a godsend..
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replied February 13th, 2006
Well just to keep you posted, I started on ginger root and magnesium today...To early yet to tell if its working..I had a slight headache before my shipment came...Which I took my normal aspirin for..But that was at mm..About 1pm...Its now 8pm..Shipment came about 3pm and I started taking the those around then along with the omega.. So far so good..No headache as of yet..But like I said its to early to tell..Could be just a fluke but normally I would have a headache by now or atleast feel one creeping up on me. After I make it through a full couple of days on this stuff i'll let you know..
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replied May 18th, 2006
I Am Finding Help With Headaches And Stiff ...
Neck, etc
for many years I have had bad headaches, stiff neck, and other problems, like pain between shoulder blades, I was prescribed zomig for migraines.

I also have pain in my face, eyes, cheek or sinus areas, also tmj, pulse heard in ear, and ringing in my ear ( left).

I certainly haven't resolved al of it, but I must tell you, I haven't had a headache for a week, very uncommon.

What am I doing?
I am using a product that is a skin analgesic, ( there are many) but thera-gesic was recommended by my pharmacists for muscles knots in neck .

I wasn't aware until recently that I had these knots. My shoulder was hurting, and swollen, and I was massaging it, the pain went up to the crook of my neck where I found a big knot.

So I went looking for one of these creams, well, I have been using it daily and no headaches since then.

I am amazed.

I really believe we can all help one another by communicating about these problems.

I have an mri scheduled for a week from today to rule out acoustic neuroma.

I don't think I have it, however, I am not sure what all this is due to , I have been under stress, I do have low blood pressure, ok pulse, and high oxygen in blood, but I have high cholesterol, and I can't imagine why. :d
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replied May 18th, 2006
Headaches Beginning As Neck Ache Each Week/month
For most of last year i'd get a headache/neck thing that would be as follows, every week.

Began on the left side of my neck, up near where the neck meets the skull and it would be so sudden, just this feeling of tension and like there's a lump there almost. No amount of massaging, deep heat or any sort of gel would help at all.

Then within about an hour or so the left side of my head and face would hurt, all over that side and it would make my head and face get really hot, like with a fever almost.

Then it'd move over to the right side of my neck where it would stay for about another hour..Before moving up to the right side of face and eye and head, where it'd make me feel very nauseated and miserable. So painful it'd ruin my day/night.

It pretty much always would come either in the late morning/early afternoon and then no matter how early I took them, or how many, pain killers would just not do a single thing.

I'd go to sleep and usually wake up feeling weird and drained and a bit of tension and residual pain but then within an hour of being up i'd be fine. For another week.

Most of this year, these things only come once a month so I assume, especially since I was on the pill last year, that they are hormone related.

My mum also used to get migraines each month until menopause when they stopped forever. But i've had migraines before (with aura) and they're not like these headaches.

I wouldn't mind the headaches so much if any pain killer would actually work, but nothing ever does! I've had my neck manipulated and cracked, many massages, physio things, etc...They all help me but they never change anything in terms of the headaches unfortunately.

At one point I was considering ordering pethidine online illegally just cause I know it'd get rid of the pain!
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replied June 13th, 2006
Most of the time when I get my headaches I also have the tension in my neck and shoulders. Especially on the left side. I actually get a sort of lump between my neck and shoulder. A chiropractor has helped me so much. I rarely have headaches anymore and I used to be a walking headache.
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replied July 22nd, 2006
Sternocleidomastoid (sternomastoid) Muscle -
Hi - I started having really bad left temple area 'migraines' though I don't have a history of migraines. Along with dizzy/vertigo, sleep problems, neck pain/tension, ear pain/fullness, all on the left side ...

I"m seeing a chiropractor ... It's just been 8 weeks and i'm not finding much relief. Anyone else had issues or thoughts on this muscle and what to do?

In the beginning doctors thought I just had migraines, I was prescribed every major migraine med available on the market none of them worked, i've tried some other main pain meds, the most effect of course are anti-inflammatories. But I would really like to fix this and stop just trying to 'cope' or 'mask'.

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replied September 16th, 2006
I understand that ultrasound massage is excellent for relieving the tension in the neck muscles. You might look into that.
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replied October 14th, 2006
Constant 24/7 headaches are enough to drive a person crazy. Or pretty darn close. I have learned to deal with them for a long, long time.

I would absolutely love to have just one day of freedom from my headaches. That alone would be heavenly. 4? Mylanta, you're lucky!
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replied October 24th, 2006
If you are keen on trying alternative remedies for your headache, this is a book that I highly recommend ==>natural headache remedy or remedies

the ebook comes with 40 or more ways in which you can get rid or reduce your headaches.

All the best!


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replied November 6th, 2006
Hi everyone, I ran into your messages quite accidentally while researching about some details on ‘headaches’ and thought of sharing some of my findings. I’ve read at ‘http://www.Medical-health-care-informat ion.Com/encyclopedia/h/headaches1.Asp’ that
headaches are one of the most common pain-related health problems in both children and adults. Common causes of headache includes:
alcohol, caffeine, or other drug use or withdrawal.
Coughing or sneezing, dehydration,
dental problems or procedures, eating or drinking cold foods and fluids, emotional stress, exposure to smoke or fumes from chemicals, eyestrain,
fever, medical procedures, such as the aftereffects of a lumbar puncture,
medications. Many medications can cause headaches.
Muscle strain in the neck, upper back, or shoulder muscles.
Upper respiratory infections.

I hope the above is of some help to you as well.
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replied January 31st, 2007
Magnesium For Headaches
Magnesium supplementation has been shown in several studies to benefit headaches and migraines. Try a more absorbable form of magnesium such as a magnesium chelate (e.G glycinate) or orotate, or aspartate.
My father had headaches for several months - he is a diabetic, they commonly are deficient in magnesium.
After taking 400mg daily for a couple of weeks he felt much better. Now he has no headaches. He bought trophic magnesium chelate from

i know a few people that take myalgia - x, a suplement that contains magnesium, malic acid, boswellia and bromelain.

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replied May 13th, 2011
Migraines, Neck/Shoulder pain and tension
Hi All!

Just wanted to add to the discussion! Smile I have had migraines for 20 years and know my triggers (chocolate(feel sorry for me) sharp cheddar cheese, artificial sweetner to name a few.

I have been seeing a neurologist at least once per month and have a series pf blood tests. I have found I am lacking Iron, Vitamin D, C, and B12. I am on several vitamin supplements and, get this, have 13 different meds I take to either prevent,treat/abort. You should see the elaborate insrtuctions on these pill bottles!

I have been referred for a sleep evaluation to see if apnea is causing the migraines.

In the last 5 years I have developed neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger pain on both sides. I have pain behind both ears, TMJ, ear aches frequently (several as a child). The pain in my neck radiates down my arm and out my two littlw fingers, on both sides.

My sister recently developed migraines and after an ER visit and a more recent CT-scan she has been dx with Chiari Type 1 Malformation. This is a congenital (inherited) condition and is very rare. My scans however, report no abnormalities except the lobes appear small for my adult age (32). My neurologist believs my pain is fibromyalgia.

As I am no closer to finding a dx or cure but have found that Magnesium, Iron, Vitamins B12, C and D, as natural remedies do help.

Taking too many aspirin, tylenol, aleeve can be detrimental to your health with long term use.

I am not a doctor but I have been a HUGE advocate for my self and my health and well being. I research different diagnosis and remedies in a valiant effort to try and enjoy life. I have what is considered to be "baseline" headaches and have more than 15 migraines a month with little or no time when I am not in pain!!

Good luck to all of you!!
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