my name is rick, and i'm 15 years old. I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself.

My problem (well, one of many :wink: ) is:

i have synestecia, which is very rare. People who have this actually think in colours and it is suggested that they see more colours then we can see her on earth. So I read something about that and I suddenly read something about tle (temporal lobe epilepsy), and that a lot of people who have synestecie, have tle. However I could not find a real good list of symptoms. This is what I somethimes have:
* I am suddenly very absent. This is very weird, because I see everything just perfectly and I am aware of every sound and what is happening, but it's like...I'm not really there.
* I tend to stare for a while (until it's over; it lasts about 30 sec - 4 minutes).
* I can talk, but it's very difficult. Normally I always think about what i'm going to say. But when I have 'this', I don't. It's like somebody else is talking, and it just flies out, but yet it is what I wanted to say, deep inside. Except for the fact that I don't think about it and it just flies out.

* I don't remember whether I said something or not (sometimes).

* I always make repietive movements with my foot, which relaxes me. I don't move the rest of my body (sometimes my hands instead of my foot, but mostly my foot and I never use both at the same time).

* I am constantly hoping nobody will talk to me, because I want to be alone and I don't want to talk at all. Normally i'm a real talker so it's like weird when i'm not.


i have an other type of abscents too. This one is a mix between déja vu and my thoughts.
* I suddenly see a video in my head. I cannot hold on to this video; it just hows itselfs and what it shows usually becomes reality. For as long as this lasts, I am unable to talk or do practically anything. It lasts about 3 seconds, and it's almost like a dream. I am so concentrated on this film, that I don't pay much attention to what happens around me. I think this is some sort of mix between what I think could happen and some sort of déja vu.
(by the way, I don't think this is anything paranormal. It is more like my mind 'talking to me' (and almost 'warning' me for things that could happen)). I was just wondering if this could have something to do with epilepsy.
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replied November 19th, 2005
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Might be worth asking your doctor to look into....Some of what you talk about you seem aware of and that is most likely not seizure...Ie, when you move your foot back and forth because it relaxes you, seizures are involuntary....

Ask your doctor if he can order an eeg to see what might be going on....
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replied February 7th, 2011
I know this post is like many years too late but maybe someone looking for this same answer will find it useful. You probably have petit mal seizures . You are describing exactly what happens to me. I have to take medicine so most of the time it is under control and it rarely happens anymore. I take Keppra
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