lately, and probably for a long time without realizing it, I have been experiencing a state of intense nasal congestion. I went to my gp a few months ago about a hearing test. In the cursory exam, she noticed my nasal passages were indeed for some reason, quite congested. She gave me a prescription nasal spray. After using it for at least a month, the congestion is actually worse. Initially after the spray it goes away, but then it comes back full force.

My breathing passages feels blocked and thick. It causes serious, ongoing headaches and body aches, not to mention it's laborious just to breath. To qualify it further, it is not actually so severe I can't breathe, just noticeably more of an effort. Otherwise I have no cold or flu of any kind. I don't feel any other cold symptoms, I move about, I go to work, etc. I am 33, physically fit and healthy with no other health problems that I am aware of.

I have avoided following up with my gp because frankly I am a bit cynical and don't expect any new ideas or solutions. Most visits to the gp are quite useless: "it could be this, it could be that, eat healthy, take a hot shower, etc." with the exception of perhaps a referral to a specialist.

Anything this could be? How can I work on this for good?

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