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Pregnancy Symptoms So Soon??

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My period aint due till the 21st, but for the past 2/3 weeks my breast ave felt hard lumpy and very sore and I also have been feeling slightly sick thro out the day and feeling very hungry all the time even just after a big meal. I hav unprotected sex very often with my bf and I had a misscarrage 3 months ago is it possible to be getting pregnancy symptoms so soon??
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replied November 18th, 2005
You may or may not be pregnant. You can wait it out or take a test. Some test are sensitive enough that they can give you a positive result even before you miss you period. I have once or twice thought I was pregnant because I felt sick durning the day, especially around food, and my breast were tender. But those could just be your body way of telling you that your cycle is about to start. It happens. I've also heard that you are most fertile after you have been pregnant, even if it was a miscarriage. But I don't know how accurate that is. Take a test.
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