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Measles Mumps And Rubella Vacianation Cause Autism?

Thank you for agreeing to complete this questionnaire. If you would be happy to participate in a phone discussion with one of our project members please put your name and phone number at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Do you have a child with any medical, emotional or psychological problems? E.G. Delayed language development, autism? If yes please name the condition.

Was your child given any vaccines prior to you noticing the problems that are now present with your child? Yes/no

was your child given the mmr before the problems presented themselves? Yes/no

do you know if your child received any vaccines containing thimerosal, a mercury preservatives ? Yes/no

were you aware that mercury was commonly used in vaccines in the past and that it has been suggested by some, that it may be responsible for many health and developmental problems in children, including autism? Yes/no please feel free to add further comments here.

Did you know that mercury is still present in many flu vaccines and shots given to infants? Yes/no
do you know someone with an autistic child, do you know if they hold the mmr or any other vaccine responsible for this condition? Yes/no

do you trust that your child’s doctor can give you impartial advice regarding vaccines provided to them by large pharmaceutical companies, that might prioritize profit over safety ? Yes/no

the senate majority leader bill frist who received $873,000 in contributions from the pharmaceutical industry quietly slipped a rider in to the anti-terrorism bill that would deny compensation to children suffering from vaccine related brain disorders. Does this concern you and make you wonder what he knows and is afraid parents will find out?

10) do you feel that tests performed by companies that will financially benefit from the sale of a product, can be trusted to undertake those tests? Yes/no

thank you for your time and assistance.
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