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Stressed About Lazy-eye In Illinois!!!!

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Hello all,
i am a 36 year old female from illinois and I am happy that I found this sight. My lazy eye situation is causing great discomfort in my life. My right eye is the lazy eye and it is significantly smaller than my left eye. For this reason I do not make eye contact when I talk to people. I am moderately successful having finished at the top of my class in graduate school and earning a near six figure salary. But none of this matters because I lack the confidence to socialize. Additionally the vision in my lazy eye is merely a blur. I cannot make anything out unless it is almost touching my eye. I am looking for cosmetic and/or visual improvement. Any suggestions??????????????

Looking forward to a response.
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replied November 27th, 2005
Lazy Eye
Hi there! I am a 19 year old male. I also have lazy eye. I had many surgeries as a child to correct the problem with both of my eyes. They turned out fairly well. My vision is 25/155 -- obviously one eye is far worse than the other, so it causes some eye strain on the good eye from time-to-time. I am also very self-conscious when talking to people and have a hard time keeping eye contact because I am thinking the whole time that they are staring at my somewhat droopy eye. I just recently went to an opthamologist and was told that the doctors actually had done a great job when I was younger. However, he did recommend a surgeon who strictly works on eyelid surgery. I believe he said he was from south bend (indiana). I am sure that there are many good surgeons in illinois that could make your eyes look more symmetric. I am probably going to get some surgery done next year to just make my one eye look a little more like the other. Unfortunately, there is no way to correct my vision (at least from what the doctors have told me) but at least i'll be able to feel good about how I look. I am told that the surgery would probably cost below $5,000 -- most likely around $4k altogether. I'd suggest talking to several surgeons before making a decision.

Hope I have helped.
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