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Worried About Leep!please Help!

I am going in hospital on friday to have the leep procedure,i had (cin 3)the one before cancer,in january of this year but the doctor could not do anything because I was 5 months pregnant and they did not tell me that it was serious,last friday I went for a colposcopy and the doctor looked quite concerned saying I needed a leep straight away and could not wait any longer than a week, but I said no at the time because I was scared and in shock.I have also had an offensive abnormal discharge for 2 years,and the doctor said this was the cause I am really worried because on most cervical cancer websites abnormal vaginal discharge is one of the symptons for cancer of the cervix.And if it was the severe dyshaplia in january what is it now.Please anybody tell me what you think?
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replied November 17th, 2005
i can understand your worry, I had leep july 04. It wasnt awful.
Just because your dr has said he wants to take it out straight away that doesnt mean you have cancer, obviously its a possibility but they err on the side of caution. I had cin2 cells and they didnt even make a separate appointment I just had it there then, I got my results 6 weeks later and it was not cancerous fortunately.
The main thing is you get the cells out. It is bloody worrying, but things should start clearing up once your healed, I didnt realise how many symptoms I actually had before until it was gone, all common to cancer but I didnt have cancer, just precancerous cells.

Dont assume you have cancer, you dont know, the drs dont know for sure until they get the results. If you do you will deal with it then until then try not to worry just get the stupid things cells out of your body, that alone will make you feel better.
If you need to talk pm me
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replied November 22nd, 2005
Feeling For You
I went thru a similar thing a few months ago. The colposcopy revelaed cin 1, 2 and 3. They reccomended leep right away. But I was really nervous about it and ended up getting cyrotherapy becausde the Dr. Felt that I had mostly cin 1 and it wasnt entering the entrance to the cervix. I wouldn't worry too much about it being cancer. I was reassured and revealed thru my research that on average abnormal cervical cells take 7 years to develop into cancer. And unless you hadn't had a pap smear in 7 years I would say there is very little chance it could have developed this quickly. The Dr.'s just always like to ere on the side of safety so that you or they don't have to worry, and so they can cover their asses. Because some people are procrastinators, expecially when it comes to someething as scary as this its better to put a little unrgency in their request. Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you.
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