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Botox Injections And Stroke

I suffered a stroke at 13 years old and recieve botox injections for dystonia in my right foot. I have been receiving injections for the past seven years or so every 3 months. I am now 31 and my husband and I are planning on having children. I am wondering how long I should postpone my botox injections before trying to get pregnant? I know once I am pregnant and if I decided to breastfeed I cannot receive injections. Also has anyone else had success with botox to relieve symptoms of dystonia? My injections have helped mildly, but wish I could find something that worked a bit better
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replied April 15th, 2008
Botox's half-life of elimination is 10 hours so it can be completely eliminated in a week. You will have to chose between pregnancy and treating foot dystonia. No medications are recommended during first trimester of pregnancy except if the drug-benefit is bigger than the potential damage. Treatment of foot dystonia is less worth than pregnancy.
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replied July 5th, 2010
cost of botox ?
this post is useful and helpful for my decision.
3 week , I will get botox to my mouth.
I want to know cost of botox injections.and botox injection procedure ?
thanks Smile
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