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I'm 28 weeks and having some pretty intense contractions to the point I get sick or live in the bathroom, this is my second pregnancy but I was forewarned that I could go into premature labor. I dont mind contractions but they have been coming in every day really painful usually when I actually unwind and go to bed im quite concerned right now and the hospital wont look at me.

I have never had so many issues with a medical professional and I guess thats why its nice to hear advice from people who care and dont have their head up their a$$ sorry if i'm bitter.

The contractions always start off with lower back pain and they come in at different times except last night 5-6 mins apart (for about 1 hrs 22min)and really painful but they didnt last long. I need some advice and anything will do i'm just at lost for words and I have this gut feeling im going early....................Even if you had preemie birth could you let me know how things turned out

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