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Polyp Downplayed By My Doctor

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When I was at the hospital when I lost my baby at 5 months, they told me they found a polyp on my cervix- unrelated to death of baby.

At my follow- up visit a couple weeks later with my obgyn I asked her about the polyp. She was the dr who did my dnc and said that she didnt see anything. But the lady who gave my an internal ultrasound saw it.
My doctor did no t examine me and said that it wasnt anything I should worry about.

Its been about 3 months and I am currently ttc. I put my finger inside myself to check the position of my cervix and for cervical mucas and I feel a bump on my cervix. It doesnt hurt, and it is about the size of a pea cut in half. I dont know much about polyps or if I even am spelling it right but should I be concerned?
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