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Hi all

i am new to this forum and have just been told by by gp that I have 'narrow disc space' which has been causing pain in my lower back for 1year +. He's referred me to a rheumatologist t the local hospital. I'm kind of relieved that there's something discernable wrong with me, but also worried that there's not alot they can do. I'm on 28 and I don't want to be in this much pain for the next 50 years! I'm also really worried about stuff like having children, and what effect it will have on me.

Does anyone know anything about this? Can you offer any advice?


cambers xxx
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replied November 17th, 2005
I would not worry since it does not help. I would get informed and find out all you can . Look over this site it is loaded with information and resources.

Narrowing may not required anything more than exercise or physical therapy but until a doctor tells you do some research. The more you know the better off you will be.

Good luck
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replied August 21st, 2009
Hi Cambers,
You wrote on 15 November 2005 about your back,i have the same problem. i have been referred to a rheumatologist(my appointment is next month) i am very worried and in a lot of pain.hope your problem has been solved.could you please tell me what has been done?
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replied June 29th, 2014
I had a MRI did on my back and they told me I had a norrow dics space..It really hurts when I stand or walk..It feel like something is pulling on my right hip..I can't stand long a enough to wash a few dishes..My lower back starts to hurt within a couple of minutes..The pain is so unbearable at time it make me not want to do nothing..This is really getting to me..I have got depressed and gain so weight because I'm don't wanted feel the pain..I have to go and see a specialist at the end of the month..But can anyone tell me what the doctor said they could do..Do you have to have surgery... And can it be fix...Thanks in Advance
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