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Rash On Face

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five days ago I developed a rash on my face. Went to the doc, and she took me off my meds because she thought it was an allergic reaction. She put me on allegra and nothing has helped, in fact it's worse. It is a raised rash that started around my jawline and neck, now it has spread to my cheeks and around my eyes. It is light pink in color and my skin looks bumpy. It does itch and sting a little, but not too major. I have alot of bruises popping up all over(not on my face). My knees are also killing me. Can this really be an allergy? Someone told me it sounds like lupus. I am 35 and this is my first rash. I heard lupus is red and on the nose and cheeks. So far it isnt on my nose.
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replied November 14th, 2005
About the Rash
I was diagnosed when I was 16- my rash started on my cheeks- looked like a sunburn. I get it all over now, anyplace the sun touches, or heat touches. But I has never been raised, or itchy or hurt. It may be an allergy- have you tried benadryl? What other meds were you on?
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replied December 18th, 2005
Kelley, ihave had lupus and vasculitis for many yrs. I developed a rash last year on my hands, around the corners of my mouth were red and irritated hurt and the areas on my back also. The areas on my hand first blister up painful red and ichted and my back. I saw my dermatogolist and prescribed cream and gave me injections in my back for the itching it was so raw and irritated. Did that every help it took it awhile for the rashed to go away. It was related for me lupus and sun. The corners of my mouth I visited my dentist and he told me that due to being on prednisone and having a dry mouth that it was yeast and my derm. Confirmed it gave me sample to use around the mouth and it cleared up.Dont know if u have seen derma. Yet might give it a try it want hurt and good luck! Hang in there it will clear up it took me a while. Brenda foreman
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