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When During the Inactive Tablets Should U Get Ur Period?

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Hi! I am on my first packet of the pill and have never been on the pill before. I started taking the pills on a saturday (day I got my period) which meant I started straight away on the active tablets. I was just wondering how quickly after reaching the inactive tablets in the packet should I get my period? How many days do u take the inactive tablets for before you start bleeding?

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replied November 13th, 2005
Well, I think that differs from person to person, but i'm on ortho tricyclene lo and on my first pack, I don't think I started until the very last inactive pill or at least the next to the last one. Just be prepared, I guess for starting anytime. Since this is your first pack, though, you may not even start at all and you may end up spotting throughout the active pills, it just depends. Everyone reacts differently to birth control pills.
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