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Please Someone Shed Some Light On This!!!

Hi there,
as many of you may know I have been trying to conceive for a while now.Well I have been doing some investigating.

I keep tack of my periods,i write it down in my diary.

Anyway I first started my periods when I was about 15-16 quite late really but I did a hell of alot of exercise when I was younger.

Anyway they were really irregular sometimes id even skip them.

I got to 16 and went on the pill I was on it for 5 years.

When I came off my periods where quite regular for a few months.Ive been looking back in my diary and since this may they have been abit weird.They are now between 37-40 or 42 days?? Im really really really worried now,all stupid things are going through my head and im now panicig I might not be able to conceive cos now im convinced I have something wrong with me!!!! Crying or Very sad
also my last period was on november 3rd and the pain was absolutely excruciating,all the way down my back and legs,i passed out through the pain,i couldnt walk it was that bad!! I have never had a period like that luckily I had the day off work that day otherwise I would not of been able to make I couldnt walk!!!!! Could this have been a misscarriage????

Also I suffer from terrible terrible mood swings and depression.Sometimes I cant help it and I feel so bad for snapping at people.

Im so so scared now !! Someone help me Sad Sad Sad
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replied December 11th, 2003
Irregular periods are not a sign of not being able to conceive, it just makes it harder because you do not know when you may be ovulating! The pain you described with your last period does not sound like a miscarriage (the pain will be in your abdomen) but it could be something else! Miscarriage usually involves bad cramping and bleeding with or without some clots. Maybe you should pay a visit to an ob/gyn asap! The mood swings and depression could be from not being able to conceive, or from not knowing what is wrong. Make an appointment and if it will make you feel better, buy a pregnancy test.
Let me know,
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