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Gallbladder Removal And Inconvenient Bowel Movement/diarrhea

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Hello. It’s been 2.5 years since i’ve had my gallbladder removed and I have problems with bowel movement. Often I have diarrhea, but that’s not the extent of my problem. After about a year of problems after the surgery, I figured out that if I ate something first thing in the morning, this would cause a movement soon afterwards. And then for the rest of the day I wouldn’t have to worry about any “emergency movements”( the kind were it hits you like a ton of bricks soon after eating). Coffee worked best for this. This worked for quite a whine, but nowadays (the past month or 2) it no longer happens. I still drink coffee in the morning and then eat lunch around 11 and more often than not I do not go. But once I eat dinner at work (9pm ish), within 30 min I have to go and have serious pains.

I don’t know why this change has happened, but it is very inconvenient. I don’t know what I can do to lead a normal life, and I spent 4 hours reading the internet tonight and didn’t come up with all that many useful facts. Much information about gallbladder diets post removal contracts each other. Does anyone know what I can do to help this? Someone on a previous post said that medamusil helped them. Would this work for me?
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First Helper showpony

replied October 13th, 2010
I had the same problems, especially the emergency movements. It was terrible. The problem had been ongoing for years, and in the latter time I dealt with this problem, I couldn't really go out to lunch with coworkers, or dinner with my family. Oh, and the pain!! The bile associated with these movements would leave a yellow film in the bowl! Yuck! I went to a GI doctor and all the usual suspects were ruled out. Upper and lower GI scopes were done. Bloodwork, etc. Nothing.
It was then that my doctor did some reading.

What he came up with next was Habba Syndrome. Basically, the gallbladder stops performing it's function as being a metering valve for the bile from the liver as it enters the small intestine, which is basically like not having a gallbladder. This unchecked flow of the slippery, soap-like bile, causes the fluid to act as a lubricant that once started into the intestines, it doesn't stop until.... well it doesn't stop until it 'hits air' :-/ That is where the 'emergency' comes from in your movements.
The fix? You will be happy to know it is simple, cheap, virtually immediate, and has been 100% effective for me!! The doctor put me on Colestid, which is a 'bile coagulant' which essentially, reacts with the bile to SOLIDIFY the bile (think of adding more flour or starch to thicken up your gravy). The side effects? Lower cholesterol!!
Like I said, after the first pill, the problem was 50% better than I had experienced in years! By the next day; PROBLEM GONE!!
Talk to your doctor about trying Colestid, or a similar drug, in lieu of all of the scoping, probing, and poking. A weeks worth of the drug should let you know. A much cheaper diagnostic tool and much more friendly to your body.
My dose was 1000mg 3 times per day. I am now down to 1000mg ONE time per day with the same results, after 2 years of taking the drug daily. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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