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Incomplete Cyst Removal

Today I finally got a surgeon to take off a cyst that has been on the back of my head for 18 months! It started as a bug bite of some kind. No one would touch it until today. I saw the eye shaped piece of scalp that he removed but did not see any odd skin. It all looked perfectly normal except for the very tip of the "eye" shape which curled up a bit and looked a bit denser. After I got home I felt the incision and stitches and the cyst is still there!!!! The doctor just nicked the edge of it and then sewed it up! Now what do I do?????

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replied December 6th, 2005
Lol, go back. Get that bugger out and out for good. I would ask to stay in the hospital for a day after it is done too. Perhaps that way nurses or something could help you bandage / put antibiotic cream or whatever on it.

Best of luck
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